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April 20, 1842 - "Worrying about Garret's health"

Wednesday. 20.th. April. 1842.

The rain clearing off; mild as summer.

Garret’s cold remains the same; he is so
much engaged, as to forget it almost, untill… 39 more words


April 19, 1842 - "Julia is having her hair cleaned"

Tuesday. 19. teenth. April. 1842.

A heavy rain through the day. Showers at intervals.

We arose at six this morning, although a gloomy sky did not encourage the hope of a bright day. 75 more words


Denim and Wool

I have been working with (old) denim since January. I love the texture and tones. It feels good in my hands. I also love the way wool feels. 188 more words


April 15, 1842 - (Julia still has the date wrong) "Julia's family invalids as usual and cutaneous eruptions "

Friday. 16.teenth. April. 1842.

Clear, bright sky, but rather cool. A deceptive spring day.

We breakfasted early, and I walked out to sniff the morning air. 168 more words


April 14, 1842 (Julia made a mistake with her date) - "Completed the first shirt and a promenade"

Thursday. 15.teenth. April. 1842.

A fine day, but rather cool, and chilly. with rain, A fine day for work, I mean.

Completed my first shirt to.day, after working very hard. 60 more words


April 13, 1842 - " "A day of sewing and Maria nursing a sick baby"

Wednesday. 13.teenth. April. 1842.

A cold rain threatening us. Sky dark and overcast.

I could scarcely get up this morning bed was so delightfull, and pains, and aches so numerous Spent my morning sewing, untill every part of my body ached Was drowsy and good for nothing. 50 more words


April 12, 1842 - "New bosoms for shirts and discussing the new move"

Tuesday. 12. th. April. 1842.

A beautifull summers day.

I did not go out this fine morning. Could not find time. Had six yards fine linen washed to prepare bosoms for shirts. 181 more words