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The Handwriting Challenge

In honor of Handwriting Day, a fellow blogger challenged the world to write something in their mother tongue today. Yes, he dared to. Most of times we write in english and use our monther tongue less and less everyday. 139 more words


The Letter: Definition, Materials List, Address & Processing

The Letter: Definition, Materials List, Address & Processing

There are many variations on the definition of a letter, but they pretty much all contain the same elements: 241 more words

Terry Norton-Wright

Hoarded Tokens

She gathered things all her life. Hoarded them, safeguarded them. She knew when the winds tormented her window, she could look back and smile upon all the incredible memories she had made. 104 more words


Heart Home

” It is in the company of a good friend that the heart finally finds a home “

We passed by each other as strangers. We grew to a ‘hello’ and soon enough we built our homes in one another. 99 more words


National Handwriting Day

Today it is National Handwriting Day! I couldn’t let this date go by without saying something; not so much about the day but about handwriting. 441 more words

Modern calligraphy: handwrite your invites

Yay, it’s Saturday – and almost the end of January! We don’t know about you but we are very much looking forward to some spring sunshine and flowers. 316 more words

Stationery Ideas

National handwriting day

The sun is back on my terrace.
and so am I ^^

Please don’t get any colder! Please don’t get any hotter!

Also, Happy handwriting day!