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Outgoing this evening... So far...

A letter off to Victoria

Victoria – Usa

A reply off to Bethan :)

BethanĀ - UK

And one on the way to Malin

Malin – Sweden

Handwritten Letters

Epic amount of incoming today!

A lovely letter from Malin since she’s returned from her massive trip.

Malin – Sweden

Another letter from Verdrana, only I can never read the address so I can never reply :( I think this is the third one she has sent me :S… 69 more words

Handwritten Letters

The Meaning of a Letter

(Stay tuned til the end… I have a question to pose!)

When was the last time you got a letter? Not a bill or advertisement or obligatory birthday/Christmas card, but a real, handwritten letter, sent with no particular holiday or duty in mind? 726 more words


More Etsy Items

Finally it has been a nice enough day to get the rest of my stock photographed for my store, I’ll only be adding items as things sell though rather than all at once :D This is what’s on offer at the moment. 599 more words

Handwritten Letters

Todays outgoing

A letter off to Beverly

Beverly – USA

And one off to Beth

Beth – Canada


Handwritten Letters

Last couple of days incoming

A lovely letter from Beth :D

Beth #4 – Canada

A pretty note card from Victoria

Victoria #1 – Usa

A great read from Ananda, some recipies and a packet of hot chocolate :D… 44 more words

Handwritten Letters

Outgoing ready for Monday :D

A reply to Sarah.K

Sarah.K – UK

One off to Greg

Greg (Prison Inmate) – Usa

On the way to Sarah.M

Sarah.M – Usa

A letter to Kenneth… 96 more words

Handwritten Letters