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This may be a little unorthodox for most, but we do live in a country full of inventive people. I kind of think of this as a Redneck Bidet. 8 more words

Home Inspection

Fall scenes

Fall in Michigan

By Emma Palova

EW Emma’s Writings

It’s that time of the year again to cut wood for the tough winters in Michigan. 100 more words

Two ladders and a pair of rubber gloves.

The last few days I’ve spent dashing to and from work, with little time to relax or do any of the necessary house-related jobs I would normally get done. 481 more words

High Humidity In Bathrooms

Significance Of Bathroom Ventilation

Bathroom fans are essential in today’s designs of air tight and energy-efficient homes and assist in the prevention of humidity issues.   Proper ventilation is important  when it comes to the  overall health of the homeowner and assist in the structural integrity if the home. 364 more words


Trust Me.

Ahhh, home repairs and renovations. And throw in a car repair while I’m at it. Recently, I’ve had my fair share of spending time with repair folks. 33 more words


Home Workshop Manual for 29 Tools: with users' advice

To the uninitiated, the workshop can be an intimidating place, full of tools you may not know what to do with.

To help, here’s a helpful explanation of common tools and their uses, followed by some DIY tips provided by Mike Steeden Construction and Demolition expert. 1,057 more words


Are Your Screws Loose???

Starting your day off right is essential.  A good nights rest, a well-balanced breakfast, and lets not forget that cup of fresh ground coffee to top it off.  81 more words