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In between lives - electronic game - from Feb 2014 draft

I think I need to find a new book to read instead of heading back to this silly fruit game.

My psychiatrist repeats over and over that electronic devices stimulate your brain, so that means that any “rest” that involves a computer – even online solitaire – doesn’t translate into rest. 149 more words


Where to go from here?

Yesterday I received a call from my daughter’s athletic trainer just as I was planning to publish my post. I had just spent the morning bawling from that… 273 more words

Getting My Bearings

Planner or Pantser

Coffee? Check.
Chocolate? Dark with pumpkin seeds full of zinc, vitamin E, and magnesium to stimulate my happy brain chemicals and help me relax. Check. 396 more words


Why I think I'm single

1. I’m a hussy
2. I’m fat, not a size zero
3. I keep meeting the players
4. I’m in the wrong place at the wrong time… 81 more words

Bring your Batman/Superman slashfic to life with giant poseable hang-ups!

Sure, you could take your life-size Batman and Superman hang-ups (the Fatheads of their day) and position them in assorted heroic poses —  or as close as you could get with their limited maneuverability. 87 more words


Flawless :)

The song swirling in my head for this blog is: Just the way you are, by Bruno Mars.

How awesome is it that, despite what you may see as a flaw in yourself, your partner never really notices? 328 more words