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It bothers me.
It bothers me that it bothers me.
It bothers me that the expectation is that it shouldn’t bother me… That I should be unfazed… That bothers me. 85 more words


Reasons why I don't have kids #30

So based on the assumption that we do, indeed, inherit not only some of the physical attributes of our parents, but also, some of the… 393 more words


Inherited hang-ups

I remember very clearly, a time when my dad told me off for having airs and graces.  I was round about thirteen years old, I was in the kitchen with him and mum chatting and I asked for a Nice biscuit, (as in the city of… 741 more words


Bodily things we tend to dislike but shouldn't...

Just like anybody else, I spend a lot of my time thinking about my physical appearance and ways that I could change it to make myself look better. 1,125 more words