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Daily Draw 07-15-2014

Daily Draw 07-15-2014

Tarot: 7 of Knives

Deceipt, backstabbing, cunning, manipulation, being sneaky about something. Hmm, might have to watch out for someone not being entirely truthful to me today. 312 more words


Daily Draw 07-15-2014

Daily Draw 07-15-2014

Lenormand: 19 Tower

Isolation, separation, vantage point, foreign country/abroad, institution, official matters. Feeling isolated or disconnected from something, or someone. I know I’m feeling somewhat out of it. 973 more words

Small Lenormand

Daily Draw 07-14-2014

Daily Draw 07-14-2014

Tarot: Hanged Man *

Sacrifice, new perspective, letting go, suspension. Card is reversed today, so either not willing to let go of something, or not wanting to look at something from maybe a new angle; stuck in ‘old habits’ and/or ‘thought patterns’, not necessarily in a helpful/constructive way. 220 more words


The Hanged Man Pencils


11 x 17 pencil on bristol, $175 (mollyapplejohn@live.com)


New Art

Oh... Me of little faith...

It’s been a strange couple of weeks… days of being put on hold and arguing the toss… days filled with jobsworths… days filled with broken promises… And it seems it’s not just me that’s up against this… 1,041 more words


The Hanged Man

This month’s card to explore is the Hanged Man.  This is the 12th card of the major arcana and shows a man suspended by one foot from an anhk, held there by a snake. 216 more words

Thoth Tarot

The Hanged Man


Hanging Around

Literal Hanging

Suspension/Suspended Animation/Limbo



Interminable waiting


Never receiving an answer

Negative Answer or No

Suffering and martyrdom

Letting Go/Letting God/Universe Work… 12 more words

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