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The last time I saw her, she was strong and quite active for her age. She was heavy built and a single mother of 6 grown up children who had done well and was continuing to do so. 287 more words


Hanging on by a thread

Sometimes that is all you can do- hang on by a thread.
But thank you God for that thread!
“Give thanks in ALL circumstances….” 1 Thessalonians 5:18

You're not alone!

Have you ever looked at a certain person and felt that they have the perfect life and that they have it made for them? And then compared your life to theirs and felt completely depressed. 381 more words

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Doodle 16 - Hanging On

After an unexpectedly crazy hectic day I am somewhere way beyond the point of tired. I mean really tired, bone tired.

So as doodles go this is a quicky. 77 more words


Throwback Thursday - Hey, who took my glass half full ...

… and replaced it with one half empty!

Glass Half Empty

I’m simply not sure how it happened
It was there for all who could see, 167 more words
Why - The Inspired Word

Granada Sound {trip intro}

Making this video made me devastatingly happy, and deeply home-away-from-home sick.

The only things I want to do right now are think about my trip, write about my trip, look at and edit photos from my trip, and listen to Active Child (which is the only thing I listened to during my trip). 114 more words