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Clarifying the Triangle at Leslie and Cleveland Avenues and John Hamilton's Hanging

I have been bombarded with questions over the time since I started this blog about “hangings” that supposedly took place on the Triangle, a piece of land in the center of town that is bordered by Cleveland Avenue, Brown Street and Leslie Avenue. 398 more words

The Execution of Nicholas Baxter 1907

The Execution of Nicholas Baxter 1907

Nicholas Baxter was the last man hung at Darlinghurst Gaol, hangings after that time were performed at Long Bay Prison. 1,678 more words


A Letter from the Flagellator

Letters to the editors of Victorian newspapers are often fascinating insights into the minds of our 19th century forebears. This one, from 1842, caught my attention – from the self-titled Flagellator (whose name should give you an immediate indication of his interests), he argued that frequent flogging was the way to deal with pretty much all offenders. 196 more words

19th Century

The Execution of Charlie Deen 1913

Charlie Deen was the last man to be hung in the State of Queensland and Queensland was the first State in Australia to end Capital punishment in the Country in 1922. 814 more words


Tom Long, Executioner New Zealand 1877 - 1906

Tom Long,  Executioner, New Zealand 1877 Р1906

Tom Long was known the length and breadth of New Zealand. Newspapers regularly reported his antics in detail. 3,615 more words


The Execution of Fredrick Bailey Deeming 1892

The Execution of Fredrick Bailey Deeming 1892

From all accounts, that I have looked into, Frederick Bailey Deeming (1853-1892), appears to be a socio path and serial killer long before those terms had been coined. 3,948 more words


The Execution of Alfred Bye 1941



Canberra Times


Soldier Found with Five Wounds


Thomas Edward Walker, garrison soldier and returned soldier, was stabbed to death last night behind the Mines Department in Parliament Place. 1,256 more words