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Natural Hangover Cures

Life can get intense. Sometimes, you just have to let loose and party to deal with it.

Which means that partying happens, and when partying happens…. 251 more words


With God, There's No Such Thing as Hangover

It surprises me that the world finds pleasurable the things which have the most devastating side effects.  People risk their health just to feel high for a brief moment and then suffer the consequences after the effect has waned. 281 more words


Hangover (Remix) - Dj Angel ( 2014 )

Tags :  Hangover (Remix) – Dj Angel mp3 Hangover (Remix) – Dj Angel 2014 Hangover (Remix) – Dj Angel latest remix Hangover (Remix) – Dj Angel full mix… 11 more words

Long Live the Duke

One of the first topics I actually sought out to investigate so I could report back here on Nomsola was the closing of the Duke. As is often the case, it takes an establishment going out of business for people to take notice. 325 more words

H is for hangover

 is for hangover.

The Aaron Warner Fetish

3 words for the three books in the series

SHATTER ME -It was good.

UNRAVEL ME -Give me Warner! 1,344 more words

La Grasse Matinée

Dzinski woke up on the bathroom tile, nose against the sweaty, cold porcelain of the toilet base. His eyes opened and stared at a section at the grout, caked brown, while above his right eye, his head throbbed, harder and deeper than the rest. 463 more words

Flash Fiction

Hangover - The Mystery!

Today I can feel how the hangover guys feel in the movie, when they don’t know what exactly happened? I was out with my best friend’s family and extended family, and I was dead drunk. 312 more words

Chaotic Thought