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FT Island Hangul Live Korean lesson 36

This month’s theme is expressions that help you speak easier with elders. “May I help you?” “May I show you?” “May I escort you?” and “May I teach you?” are the polite expressions our Five Treasures teach in today’s lesson.

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없어도 (eobs-eodo), 싫어 (silh-eo), 싶어 (sipeo) [Word of the Day Series]

안녕하세요! Annyeonghaseyo!

Today I’m going to give you guys three different words that mean different things. Two of them are related and the other is “Kpop Teaches Korean”. 236 more words


Learning Korean (Hangul)

Being born and raised in Wales, different languages have always been present in my day to day life. That sounds a lot more exotic than it actually is; everyone in Wales is required to study Welsh until he/she finishes school, so basically I always had that in addition to the standard French and German lessons at school most people have. 203 more words


Korean Basics - How difficult is Korean?

One of the questions that gets asked most frequently with any language is about how difficult it is to learn.

The trouble with this question is that people approach it from so many different starting points. 655 more words


때문에(ttaemune), -기 때문에 (-gi ttaemune) [Word of the Day Series]

안녕하세요! Annyeonghaseyo!
Today we’re going to cover two words that are heard frequently. They’ve been used in countless songs and dramas and the words are, 때문에(ttaemune) and -기 때문에 (-gi ttaemune). 295 more words


Update: Hangul

Even though in my last blog post I said I had already been learning Hangul, I thought some might find it beneficial if I posted the notes I wrote down while I was learning. 447 more words


뿐이야 (Ppun-iya) - Kpop Songs Teach Korean too! *Special* [Word of the Day Series]

안녕하세요! Annyeonghaseyo!

Today is a special WOTD post! I wanted to show you guys how useful it can be to listen to kpop when learning Korean! 244 more words