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Signing: Kung Fu Panda Headed to Boston

On the heels of the rumored Hanley Ramirez signing by Boston, CBS Sports’ Jon Heyman is reporting that the Red Sox have signed third baseman… 362 more words

Signing: Hanley Goes Home Again

With apologies to The Odd Couple – On November 24, 2005, Hanley Ramirez was asked to remove himself from his place of residence. That request came from Boston Red Sox management, who sent him to the Florida Marlins in a deal for… 220 more words

Why would the Red Sox want Hanley Ramirez in the outfield?

If reports that the Red Sox are signing both Hanley Ramirez and Pablo Sandoval prove accurate the assumption is that Boston will be moving Ramirez to the outfield after nearly 10,000 career innings at shortstop. 282 more words

16 Facts To Know About Hanley Ramirez

BOSTON (CBS) — The Boston Red Sox made their first splash of the offseason on Sunday, reportedly signing free agent Hanley Ramirez to a five-year deal. 662 more words


Before you go citing 2011 . . .

We’re still awaiting official confirmation of the Pablo Sandoval and Hanley Ramirez signings in Boston. But let’s get out in front of this one in the meantime: 296 more words

Report: Pablo Sandoval and the Red Sox agree to a five-year deal at close to $100 million

UPDATE: There are some reports circulating that Sandoval’s agent is denying that a deal is in place. With the caveat that I literally cannot remember the last time that Jon Heyman whiffed on transaction news, we will keep you updated on this. 138 more words

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The Red Sox can’t help themselves.

They have an organizational addiction. It may be an indication of unfinished business, or simple lack of control. 236 more words

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