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Hannah Arendt's "On Violence"

1969 has sometimes been described as a time of madness.  The year before saw youth uprisings in the United States, France, and Czechoslovakia.  The French students, protesting an ossified education system not only brought down the government; they managed to collapse the entire French Republic, a revolution that no one expected to succeed.   1,448 more words

Ferguson MO

The normality of evil?

I wrote of Dostoevsky as entertainment earlier, but things took a slightly different turn when I discovered (or so I thought) a connection with something else. 793 more words


“Training the Fundamentals of a Democratic Society” IV

Normally, I work with materials such as oil paint, charcoal, silver, tar, wood or paper to create a virtual space: the image. The materials forming this artpiece are entirely different, though. 171 more words


Benhabib and Arendt on "the identity that is under attack"

This passage from Seyla Benhabib’s The Reluctant Modernism of Hannah Arendt (2003) resonated this morning with our current national conversations about racial profiling and police/vigilante violence against young black men. 415 more words


Are Cops Racist?

The German philosopher Hannah Arendt wrote in Organized Guilt and Universal Responsibility her theories on the mob man and the relationship to the rise of Nazi Party. 869 more words


Radical Readers discuss On Violence by Hannah Arendt

Hannah Arendt is one of the most influential writers and philosophers of the 20th century, writing extensive essays and books focusing on a range of issues, but most notably the question of social change, revolution and what we mean by “evil”. 108 more words

Dijital Gettolarda Mahalle Baskısı

(Orjinali AGOS’ta)

Hızlı ve yüksek kalitede iletişim, yaşamlarımıza yenilikler katmaya devam ediyor. Lakin yeniliklerin bir kısmını değerlendirirken kullanıcıların ve toplumların dönüşümlerine de değinmek gerek. İletişim çağının kazanımlarından belki de en alenisi olan bireyselleşmenin toplumsal yansımaları gettolaşmayla birlikte yürüyor. 959 more words