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We Were Only Human

Reading about the CIA torture report and the subsequent bluster and redaction from the likes of Dick Cheney over the weekend, I was reminded of… 285 more words


In Defense of Taking Things Out of Context

Lately, I’ve had the feeling that the push to contextualize and historicize in the humanities and some of the social sciences has become a stumbling block to thought itself, to new ideas and original thinking. 695 more words

Political Theory

Chris Hedges: A Society of Captives

Corporations have captured every major institution, including the judicial, legislative and executive branches of government, and deformed them to exclusively serve the demands of the market.   

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Corporate Empire

Let the rain fall on your skin

The USA Patriot Act issued by the US Senate on October 26, 2001, already allowed the attorney general to “take into custody” any alien suspected of activities that endangered “the national security of the United States,” but within seven days the alien had to be either released or charged with the violation of immigration laws or some other criminal offense.

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A Nazi-friendly country

Buenos Aires has long ceased to be snail-mail-friendly; one is kindly advised to avoid ordering stuff from abroad lest greedy customs officers exact impossibly high tolls on it. 415 more words

Rags Of Ferociousness


~ TBOE ~ The Banality Of Evil

~ EITDT-WHTRTESI ~ Even In The Darkest Times – We Have The Right To Expect Some Illumination

~ TDIWCWTOLSBP-TPSWPCRT-ASOA ~ The Darkness Is What Comes When The Open, Light Spaces Between People – The Public Spaces Where People Can Reveal Themselves – Are Shunned Or Avoided… 58 more words


Torture Report

I saw it on a TV show called 24. And they were able to save lives!

Yesterday’s report on the CIA’s use of torture was not a surprise, but it was still shocking… 339 more words