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All The Weed In The World Couldn't Have Prepared Wiz Khalifa For This Insane Eric Andre Interview

Everything went downhill shortly after Wiz Khalifa strutted on stage in his skinny jeans for his interview on The Eric Andre Show. Always the mellow guy, Wiz tries to smoke a J and be a good sport, but his facial expressions cannot hide the fact that he’s wondering how his publicist approved this one. 56 more words


Android Lollipop, Bill Cosby, and Broken Games | Episode 38

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In Episode 38, we run the gamut of topics. Everything ranging from mobile devices to rape allegations is discussed. We start with our first impressions of Android 5, codenamed “lollipop.” Then we switch gears and give our take on the Bill Cosby rape allegations that have resurfaced. 33 more words

One Small Step

Last week saw an explosion of controversy surrounding Bill Cosby, whose likely victims over a long career as a comedic actor/serial rapist now number somewhere in the high teens. 676 more words

Faizon Love Stands By Bill Cosby, Blasts Critics and Hannibal Buress on Twitter

 You can count Faizon Love among those standing in support of Bill Cosby.

According to reports, the “Friday” star has been on a Twitter rampage over the past few days with a series of tweets slamming anyone who’s come out against Cosby as well as the women who accuse him of sexual assault and fellow comedian… 325 more words


Faizon Love supports Bill Cosby, calls Hannibal Buress a house N***a

Don’t worry, Bill Cosby; Faizon Love has your back.

Cosby, who lately seems to be accused of sexual assault on a daily basis, got some unlikely support from the 46-year-old Love — whom many remember as “Big Worm” from… 147 more words


This is the AP interview about rape allegations Bill Cosby demanded be 'scuttled'

NEW YORK (PIX11) - Amid growing rape allegations, the Associated Press decided to publish an extended interview with Bill Cosby in which the comedian tries to convince a reporter to ‘scuttle’ his response to the questions. 349 more words


Did Bill Cosby Think That He Was Exempt From White Supremacy?

For the last ten years, legendary comedian Bill Cosby has been getting media attention primarily for his many rants against dysfunctional “Black culture”. White supremacists and suspected white supremacists have gladly circulated numerous videos, articles and quotes  of Bill Cosby criticizing black society for many of the ills that are prevalent in lower income areas. 696 more words