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Criminal psychopaths don't understand punishment: study

The worst criminals, from serial murderer and rapist Ted Bundy to fictional characters like the cannibalistic serial killer Hannibal Lecter, share distinct personality traits: they’re callous and glib; manipulative and cold; pathological liars yet quite charming. 829 more words

Local News

Too tired for Florida

A friend of mine, let’s call her Dragon Tattoo, just got off of Skype with me.  Her and I have been virtual friends for a while now.  283 more words


Book Review #11

Here comes the long holiday~
Here comes the books~

Then the grad school started in September and it’s cut, wkwk. And do sorry for the very-very-late review. 854 more words

Interesting Things

My thoughts on / breakdown of the Hannibal season 3 first promo

It’s funny. This morning, whilst I was in my car, I was talking to my sister and my mum about Hannibal and the season 2 finale. 1,359 more words


HANNIBAL AD PORTAS Richard Armitage!

HANNIBAL AD PORTAS!!….Hannibal is at the gates!!  This was a cry that struck fear into the hearts of the Romans when the Carthaginian general did the unthinkable:  He crossed the Alps and invaded Roman Italy!!   1,341 more words

Mother Issues

It’s so very retro, you know, to “therapize” this,

Psychoanalyze that,

And, well, hey, I’m pressed for time at the mo’.

Ossetra caviar, Prime Côte de Boeuf at Spago,

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