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Manhunter is – interesting – in a good way. Director Michael Mann remains loyal to Thomas Harris’ novel but adds his own flavor to it with the cinematography, music and acting style. 153 more words


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Plastic Cell Creates Truly Amazing, One Off Pop Culture Sculptures

Look we get it, the LAST thing you need is another must-have collectible right?  Posters, toys, vinyl re-releases, comic books, My Little Pony Conventions….where does it stop?   412 more words


‘Hannibal’ Paleyfest panel: 10 delicious tidbits | Inside TV

This way cool article about the most beautifully, shockingly, horrifyingly delicious series on TV gives the first truly indepth information I’ve ever seen about the characters, the episodes, and why things are so different from Thomas Harris’ riveting novels about the devious doctor we so love to hate. 168 more words


'Hannibal' and why you should watch it

Today I will be recommending what is to me the best show currently on television. Yes I’m including Game of Thrones (losing points for gratuitous sexual violence), Sherlock and probably all the stuff I haven’t seen. 1,222 more words

Bryan Fuller

October Countdown #17: Silence of the Lambs

So this film is more of a thriller than a horror, but it’s the closest thing to a horror movie that has ever won the oscar for best picture. 66 more words

Just one nice, looonnnngggg sniff

I had just about given up on harnessing anything creative today when my dog sat on the floor next to me and rested her face on the window sill.   152 more words