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Hannibal Season Two

This is My Design….
After a solid first season, season two of Hannibal sets it up in a big way. This show again is beautifully filmed, and well plotted out. 61 more words

Din viaţă scapă cine poate!

   Cum stăteam eu cu ochii în Facebook în loc să învăţ, observ un laic pe o chestie ce suna interesant, adică pe Breakout. Dau să mă uit la ei pe site şi aflu de un concept oarecum nou mie şi, anume, acela de escape room. 524 more words


Hannibal Season One Review

“Don’t psychoanalyze me. You wouldn’t like me when I’m psychoanalyzed.”

Based on the book Red Dragon, Hannibal leaves a rather uncomfortable mark on it’s viewers. This psychological thriller, takes you on the journey of Will Graham as he falls deeper into the darkness. 62 more words

[TV] Hannibal - Mizumono (S2E13)

Quick Recap:

Hannibal sends out an invitation to Jack for dinner. Will and Hannibal discuss their evolving relationship while in a parallel conversation, Will informs Jack of Hannibal’s plan. 1,932 more words


Anthony Hopkins

Anthony Hopkins who played Hannibal Lector in Silence of the Lambs, started volunteering at a homeless charity centre because of his bad drinking habit. 39 more words

[TV] Hannibal - Tome-Wan (S2E12)

Quick Recap:

Will reveals to Hannibal that he has told Mason Verger that Hannibal wants to kill him, telling Hannibal that he was curious what would happen – a reversal of what Hannibal told him earlier in the season. 1,586 more words


[TV] Hannibal - Ko No Mono (S2E11)

Quick Recap:

The episode opens with a new antlered monster resembling Will, born out of the carcass of a dying stag. Hannibal has Will over for dinner again where he offers him a roasted baby songbird as a ‘rite of passage’. 1,402 more words