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[TV] Hannibal - Mukozuke (S2E5)

Quick Recap:

Hannibal meets Jack at the hospital and consoles him over Bella’s suicide attempt, saying he is a better friend than therapist. Freddie Lounds discovers Beverly’s remains on display at the observatory and tells Jack. 755 more words


Let's Go To The Pictures: 2014 Edition

I love movies. I mean, we all do. Let’s write down which ones are the keepers! (Got it, Facebook overlords! Some additions for the 2014 edition later in the story. 1,081 more words

[TV] Hannibal - Takiawase (S2E4)

Quick Recap:

Will has dreams of teaching Abigail how to fish and they discuss the differences between hunting and fishing. Beverly comes to visit Will and Will is curious about who killed the killer. 1,285 more words


Netflix Graveyard: Manhunter

Ok so who isn’t on the Hannibal bandwagon these days? When we decided to get Amazon Prime, I sat down and watched the first complete season that is posted on there in a week (I have a very boring job that allows me a lot of down time to watch things… so no judgements please). 479 more words


[TV] Hannibal - Hassun (S2E3)

Quick Recap:

The prosecution depicts Will as a psychopath who got too carried away creating profiles of murderers and became one himself. Jack is still unsure of his own convictions and he is encouraged to back the prosecution but when he is put on the stand, he does not offer evidence to damn Will but rather testifies against himself – he pushed Will too hard. 983 more words


Three Boys Get Messy


In this video we play a game. you are blindfolded and asked a question… if you get it wrong you get food and or sometime of liquid dumped on you. 73 more words