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You’ll take some more history?

The other day, I was queuing at a sport store cashier, when a quite elegant, obnoxious looking 50-something year-old man pointed out the logo displayed on my jacket. 161 more words

Relocating To Canada

There Will Be Thanksgiving!

The Thanksgiving Turkey has arrived!  Last night Greenling delivered a Bourbon Red Heritage, Free Range Turkey from Richardson Farms.

Now, that’s a turkey!  Bearing reddish plumage and first bred in Bourbon County, Kentucky the Bourbon Red sat on many a Thanksgiving table from the last decades of the nineteenth century all the way to World War II.   361 more words

NBC Halts Production on Constantine

NBC recently announced that they have decided to halt production on the new series Constantine. Thirteen episodes is all we get for now. NBC hasn’t stated they are cancelling the show, but the viewer numbers aren’t quite what the developers were hoping for. 151 more words

Top Ten Facts You Will Never Be Able To Unread.

Beware: The below includes facts, reports, opinions and speculations about, cannibalism, graveyards, murder, supernatural phenomenons, bugs, and other such morbidly fascinating topics. Not for the faint of heart. 991 more words


I ain't mads at ya. Happy birthday, Mads Mikkelsen.

Hannibal is one of the best shows on TV, due in no small part to Mikkelsen’s, performance. And his suits… my god, HIS SUITS!!! Seriously, watch that show.


NaNoWriMo day 22


Yesterday I was very close to just quitting. I dont know if it’s because my novel is kinda crappy or if it’s just become too much to do NaNoWriMo while working on uni stuff, but yeah.. 158 more words


Of Necessities

I’m broke. I get broke frequently because I work as a freelancer and the projects are not regular. Some days I am okay. Some days I’m broke. 551 more words