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Nightly News back in NY but it and Hannity disappoint

Last night we expressed the view that anchoring NBC Nightly News from Ferguson, Missouri, the scene of violence the night before, was a mistake. We are happy that the broadcast was based back 113 more words

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Rand Paul: Investigate Jonathan Gruber for being "deceptive and deceitful"

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) made a guest appearance on “Hannity” Monday and said that embattled Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber should be made to give back the money he received for his work on the health care bill. 219 more words

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Pres. Bush stays classy in spite of Hannity

The former President held his ground and refused to criticize Pres. Obama on Hannity’s Fox News program last night. The host, who is on our Shameful list, also asked a question on a previous program seeking a negative reaction to the President’s policies. 50 more words


'Mr. Common Core?' George W. Bush tells Sean Hannity he hopes Jeb Bush runs in 2016

Asked on the “Today” show back in April 2013 what she thought of son Jeb running for president, Barbara Bush answered with a blunt “No,” adding that “We’ve had enough Bushes.” Barbara’s husband and son George appeared together on Thursday night’s edition of “Hannity,” giving the host a chance to ask George W. 544 more words

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Legacy Video: Funny Exchange Between Hannity And Leo Terrell

Hannity’s racial theatrics were bested by civil rights attorney Leo Terrell who outmugged Hannity with silence.  Strange how “liberal” Colmes presses Terrell as much as Hannity. 8 more words

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That Was No Mandate

If you’ve been paying any attention to right wing media this week (and I hope for your sake you’re well paid to do so), you’ve been hearing the “M”-word thrown around a lot – “Mandate.” Conservatives running the gamut from… 714 more words


Scott Walker • Undefeated

November 7th, 2014 • iizthatiiz

Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin won his third statewide election in four years last Tuesday. The rising GOP star joins Fox News host Sean Hannity to discuss his winning campaigns.