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Mưa đêm

Ngay bây giờ, tôi thích cảm giác này: mưa đêm và Lament for a frozen flower.

Ông anh đã đi ngủ, tôi tắt nhạc mở từ loa, ngồi lặng nghe tiếng mưa đêm, rồi đeo headphone nghe Lament for a frozen flower. 746 more words

Tản Mạn

Jazz night out and how to get happier

Remember the jazz club I once wrote about? There is a location change, and it’s now at 1A Trang Tien Street, right behind the Opera House. 511 more words


Define: Overnight Train |ˈōvərˈnīt trān|

Toot Toot Chugga Chugga what am I doing here? And why is there a strange little Italian lady in my cabin? Curse those ads for the Ghan train tours back home that made me believe overnight train trips were all sunsets and high-tea. 273 more words

Define: Weasel Coffee |ˈwēzəl ˈkôfē|

Don’t think about it too much. Weasel coffee is made from the beans collected out of the feces of coffee-eating rodents. Story is, the weasels have a particularly sensitive nose and are able to find (and eat) the best coffee beans in a crop. 107 more words

Travel Diaries - Hanoi, Vietnam: First Impressions

Hello! It’s already August 1 – which means that we have four months left til a brand new year comes rolling in. It’s scary how time flies when you’re in your 20s. 724 more words

Utterly delicious Hanoi

The street food scene in Hanoi is well known but its another thing to experience it first hand. Maybe coming from 2 months in the Philipines with pretty average food didn’t leave us objective. 276 more words


Bustling Hanoi

Landing in Hanoi was an assault on the senses after 2 months in the laid back Philippines. The streets are crowded and filled with never ending hooting racing scooters. 251 more words