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Christ in the Tomb - Hans Holbein

I have a new favourite work of art and it comes from Renaissance painter Hans Holbein


I was researching for an essay and I stumbled across it and now I’m in love with it. 22 more words

Dances of Death: The Soldier, Hans Holbein, 16th Century

Dances of Death: The Soldier, Hans Holbein, 16th Century

Le sort armé en jeune corps           (The armed man in his young body)

Pense auoir seure garnison;            (Thinks to have secure garrison) 33 more words

My English Renaissance

Hans Holbein, drawing of  Sir Thomas Wyatt, c 1535-7

My English Renaissance came while doing my A-levels in the mid-1960s.  Never before, or since, have I been so inspired, so transported by the process of discovering new worlds.  2,942 more words


Conceptual art

Apologies for this post, it’s a mish mash of various paragraphs taken from other websites, mixed in with my own views. Just trying to make sense of semiotics while writing up a lecture.  1,325 more words

Iconography Week 1

This week we were introduced to the new production brief. It was about Iconographic Storytelling & Meaningful Narratives.

Iconography originates from the 15th century (When people commissioned painting and portraits of themselves displayed with objects of meaning.  482 more words

Kinetic Processes

this instant.


I am in the foggy hamster ball

that likes to swerve to objects of greater gravitational stamina

or it is thrown aimlessly across the fences… 168 more words

Daily Amazements

Tudor Portraits

Here are some sketches from a project I am working on for a class at SVA with Monica Wellington. These 4 Tudor portraits are roughly inspired by (clockwise from top left) Catherine of Aragon, Christina of Milan, Princess Mary (Henry VIII’s daughter) and Henry VIII.