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Rama Sethu 18 Miles Hanuman Flew 800 Miles

Lord Rama went to Sri Lanka and brought back Sita, after killing Ravana, who had kidnapped Sita.

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Hanuman, Jambavan and potential :)

Most Indians would be familiar with Hanuman, the monkey God as he is called. He had an important role to play in Ramayana in finding Seeta and during the war, reviving Lakshman by bringing the entire Sanjivani hill. 364 more words

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Jambhavan Sheds Tears Alghu Malluru Krishna Swamy

Lord Krishna went in search of Syamantaka Mani.

In the process He had to fight Jamabhavan, whom He found it difficult to defeat.


Jambhavan was an ardent devotee of Lord Rama and he along with the vanara Sena  fought along with Lord Rama against Ravana. 196 more words