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domestic disputes

It’s unnerving to live with a person who says: “There’s never anything to eat in the house.”

It’s tiring to live with a person who says: “There’s nothing to eat around here. 36 more words


Best Proposal Ever

Lance planned the best proposal ever, and I thought I’d share the story here!

Lance concocted an elaborate scheme to surprise me with his proposal: 493 more words

Sun, Rain & Rainbows

Monsoons. This was her favourite time of the year. She loved everything about it. It reflected her personality. The weather, wind, the sound of raindrops, lush greenery, the eventuality of a rainbow; colourful umbrellas, wind-cheaters & a plate of bhajis just out of the frying pan; cozily snuggling in a blanket whilst down with a cold; and especially curling up on the couch with a piping hot cuppa & a favourite book. 565 more words

Random Thoughts

Jesus to the Rescue!

Many have seen the movies and read books to children about the knight in shining armor who comes and saves the damsel in distress. As we read we dream of someone caring for us the way the knight cares for the damsel. 878 more words

Sabbath School Lessons

Old-Fashioned Romance Never Goes Out of Style

Apparently, I am a fan of old-fashioned romance.  I say apparently, because I didn’t realize this about myself until rather recently.  And, for some reason, it took several different events to help me make this discovery. 999 more words


Wishful Thinking

“You want to become aware of your thoughts and and choose your thoughts carefully and you want to have fun with this, because you are the masterpiece of your own life. 460 more words

Thoughts On Life

Breaking the Curse: Disney Rediscovers True Love

Driving home from the drive-in, my 11yr old daughter states:

“I really like how in the last two Disney Princess movies they’re not making true love all about a guy.”

460 more words