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lost souls alliance

People have sex without being in a relationship. Or have a relationship without sex. It’s not uncommon, believe me; simple statistics of messed up relationships.  Sometimes I wish things were simpler like they used to be in the far-away past: when people met, got engaged, got married, had kids, raised them, grew old and died together.  465 more words

Ladies, Be with a Man- Not a Boy

Be with someone who keeps it real with you. Someone who reassures you that you shouldn’t be jealous. Someone who listens when you tell him what’s bothering you. 362 more words

What does "happily ever after" mean to you?

As little kids we all read stories that ended with the main characters living “happily ever after,” but what did that mean to you?  I know I would hear or read those words and I would let out a big sigh.   372 more words

Happily Ever After

Today, let us just lose our minds together; for “now” is the new “happily-ever-after”. <3

the day i gave up environmentalism forever. an essay

I buy a diet Coke and a Hershey bar. So far, so good.

Debit or credit? the clerks asks.

Debit, I reply. I’m thinking I’ve got it made. 253 more words


Thursday Threads

We are giving the thread over to husband and wife writing team Catherine and Donald Hersh. Three’s a crowd, so I’ll just let them take it from here. 1,135 more words


Meeting the Authors of Romance Weekly

If you’ve been following the Romance Weekly blog, you will have met the authors in small tastes. Every Wednesday, I plan to bring you another author from the blog in a bit more depth. 1,106 more words