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Empty Nests & Flying Lessons

It’s been three weeks since a pair of Willy Wagtails began nesting in our backyard. Yesterday two of the three little hatchlings spread their wings and (rather gracelessly, it must be said) left the nest. 56 more words


They Said

They said


we so want to

come here


the negativity



there is no space


Ms. A




Everyone wants to move away… 11 more words

My Walk To My Heart.

Final Cut

Final cut.

We have the final cut! Yey!

Happily done with the main video.

Some project one would love to do with a cool team. 61 more words

We have baby birds!!!

The first two Willie Wagtail hatchlings appeared yesterday morning! They are incredibly tiny and delicate- and, truth be told, kinda ugly, too. But that’s OK; I don’t think any of us would look fantastic after being smooshed up inside an egg for two weeks, either.


Because Three Eggs Are Better Than Two...

Our little family of Willie Wagtails is blooming. We now have three eggs, and two very diligent parents. I have observed them driving magpies, kookaburras and other much larger birds away from our property. 47 more words


#340 Open Heart

When you open your heart to love, you either end up living happily ever after or getting your heart broken into pieces.

Come To My Land.

Come to my  land

go with a band

fold the hands

take  an elegant stand

look not bland

show up grand

create your brand

live happily amidst all   12 more words