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Happy, Sad, Happy, Happy, Sad, Sad, Happy

Instead of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday….., I often feel like my week should be labeled Happy, Sad, Happy, Happy, Sad, Sad, Happy because that’s what my weeks often feel like. 720 more words


Quotable Tuesdays: Walt Elias Disney

I love Walt Disney – what he created and put together from his imagination has become this huge empire for everyone to share, across the globe. 549 more words


Happy, Happy, Happy!

I’ve noticed in the past few days of keeping track of what makes me happy… a LOT of things make me happy. This makes it very difficult to narrow down to one post a day on Instagram. 240 more words


Monday Inspiration 4

In order to achieve my goals I try SO hard. I fail a lot, but without failure, there’s no hope of success and learning! Today I’m making the decision to try to accomplish the #100daysofhappy challenge, learn 5 useful phrases in French, and be more connected with my friends and family! 81 more words


Big progress on my work in progress - ME!

Today is the two month anniversary of starting this Happiness Project and I have to say I’m amazed at how far I’ve come.

Yesterday morning while walking my dog with a friend she commented on how much happier and healthier I seem than even just a few weeks ago. 639 more words


Friday I'm in Love: Roses

Roses, to me, epitomize summer. By which I mean the soft, warm beauty of early summer, the summer of lush greenery and country weddings, rather than the beach picnics and scorched earth of late August.  49 more words


How much is that doggy (portrait) in the window?

I’m an artist! Phew! It took a long time to be able to call myself an artist (and I still twitch sometimes when I say it). 667 more words