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In pursuit of happiness


I came upon this link a few days ago and it struck me.

I want to be that kind of person.

I want to be that somebody who has the zest for life. 316 more words


Falling Off The Wagon

Just because you’ve had an “off” day or an “off” week (month, year, decade), doesn’t mean you have an “off” life.

You can always get back “on.”

940 more words
Happiness Project

#Tammy - Yet more genius from Melissa McCarthy

Stacey and I have been waiting about 3 months to see this movie, and couldn’t believe how long it took to be released in Australia. We saw the trailers when we were in LA in April, and it was released over there shortly after. 119 more words

Happiness Project

Health & Happiness (sung to the tune of Al Greens "Love & Happiness)

I have never been over weight. I have been chubby, but never over weight. I always played sports in high school and have tried to keep up with running in my adult life. 492 more words


Must to...

Whether you loved or hated the movie The Lone Ranger (or fell somewhere in between), there is a key bit of wisdom Tonto shares with the masked hero. 218 more words

Shanna Hatfield

Find Your Reason, Stay Alive, And Move On - Oct. 19, 2014

Hello there, reader! I know this is the blog you’ve been waiting for this blog to come out, and this is the one! This one is a bit of a harder one, as this week I’ve had the unfortunate situation of breaking up with my girl. 1,016 more words

Beginning Somewhere

A (Mostly) Happy Week

This week certainly had its ups and downs, but for the most part the week was a good one!

Days 78-82:

Day 78: Chat Noir… 162 more words