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Stuck in a Rut

I’m currently waiting to go back home, my home town, in the sticks of Ireland. (If you’re not from Ireland, you won’t understand that!) It basically means rural Ireland, in the farm land, the bog, the midlands, culchie land, etc. 440 more words


Reintroduction Days

Whole30.com has multiple options, depending what stage of support you need. As I prepare for reintroduction starting tomorrow (yup, tomorrow), I’m using the “I Finished My Whole 30″ 524 more words

Happiness Project

My Happiness Project: January Review

Good morning y’all!

So Month 1 of my year long happiness project is now complete. I had my successes, and I had my difficulties. So we’ll review them now. 752 more words



So, as you can see I’ve made a few little changes to my lovely little blog. I think it looks all pretty and I little bit more like me now. 398 more words


Hardest Part of Whole 30

For  me, three things have been particularly hard during Whole 30. I’m sure everyone has a different answer to their top three distractions during Whole 30, but here are mine. 401 more words

Happiness Project

"Sorry Mama: I'm Cleanin' Out My Closet."

I recently finished a book, a self-help book at that. While I rarely finish an entire book, I most definitely have never read a self-help book. 416 more words

New York City

How Rude!

How rude of me to never give you my full list of resolutions for January! I do apologise! So, as I already said, January was the month of Food for me, which is partly why I haven’t blogged that much. 235 more words