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Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014 Focus: I remind myself that fear is based on a future which does not exist and is simply a possibility.

Fear is based on a future which does not exist and is simply a possibility. Fear can be seen as an acronym for False Expectations Appearing Real. 293 more words


Passion is an Amazing Ride ;)

Passion is an amazing ride, and prosperity is just one of the landmarks on this route.



No, you can't. And it's ok!

Everyday there are tons of amazing motivating posters, memes and videos that our curated content feeds throw at us. They urge you to do the unthinkable, push you to stretch your limits, yada yada yada… But does this work? 193 more words


The Top 10 Reasons Women Spend 11 Days a Year in a Bad Mood

A new survey found the average woman spends five hours a week in a bad mood. That adds up to almost 11 full days a year. 87 more words



Happiness is a choice not a destiny.
Life was made to choose. Your life is happy or not, it’s also your choice.
You were not born to suffer, but what you choose, it may make you suffer. 128 more words

They Shall Be Filled

The Be-Attitudes continuing…

“Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled” Matthew 5:6 (KJV).

Remember the definition of “Attitude” is ‘the position of something in relation to something else’. 375 more words



Hi all hope you are all well :)

What an amazing weekend it’s been, although I must admit, it was pretty draining in terms of the late nights. 388 more words