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R for Resilience

We talked about resilience, and how it’s an important skill to master. Resilience is a matter of survival. Here are my 5 favorite quotes about resilience: 280 more words


Lesson One: Easter Eggs Solve Nothing

It’s Easter again which, in my family, means about as much as acknowledging the milkman has been. No ‘special’ Easter meal, no uncomfortable family gathering and especially not anything to do with Jesus. 779 more words


Week 38: Love Spring

The week was a blur but my Saturday, well it was all about my loves and a prefect spring ok maybe summer like day.


Scenario Sunday: Love and Happiness

Happy Easter everyone! I’m not done blogging yet! Let’s try something different this time around. Enjoy the scenario below courtesy of my good friend Johnson (cheer up buddy). 339 more words


Letting it Go.

Today, I am no longer letting the voice inside my head tell me that I need to get a workout in. I am not going to let my head convince myself that I can’t go hang out with my friends for awhile and get some drinks in because I really need to go for that run or do some abs. 193 more words




Not just home, of course (that as well, though, obviously), but home.


The evening was overwhelming and beautiful and amazing, just like the entire journey, and I’m still very much overwhelmed and just very happy to be here now. 123 more words