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Goodbye, January

I can’t believe that January is over. It’s flown by. I’m exhausted. To be fair, I’m not exhausted because January was particularly exhausting, but because I had one day this week that completely flew in the face of all of my goals. 856 more words


Saturday Morning Bliss

It’s a freezing, extremely windy morning in NYC.  I would like to report that those factors did not stop me from walking my booty to the laundromat to wash my toppling pile of dirty clothes, but alas, it did.   237 more words


Finding Happiness...

Again I woke up early this morning and after looking up at the ceiling, I wondered what the day would bring. The quiet of the early morning was broken by that single frog I’ve mentioned before. 336 more words

This Too Will Pass

10 Encouraging Thoughts for a Broken Heart and Spirit

Ahh, there is nothing like diving into the pages of a profound book to find healing words of wisdom to help us navigate the sometimes stormy waters of life.   690 more words


Searching For Happiness in the Wrong Places

Why is it that we have such a hard time letting go of physical wants and desires? Humans have been searching for happiness in all the wrong places for thousands of years and probably will for thousands to come, while history has shown time and time again that success and riches do not make people happy. 663 more words


New Year, New Me, New Bullshit: Why You Shouldn't Change For Anyone Other Than Yourself

‘Oh, I couldn’t possibly have a piece,’ your co-worker says, scrutinizing the nutritional values chart on a tub of Celebrations to work out how many calories for in a mini Twix. 1,369 more words


We are all slaves,

slaves to tea, coffee, caffeine

slaves to greed,

to the color of skin,

slaves to religion,

a high power,

slaves to education, 57 more words