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Taking a break from my usual posts and writing about what makes me happy

~Playing video games

~Watching Netflix

~BOGO Free Kilwin’s ice cream with friends: a weekly venture with June with us alternating paying each week… 246 more words

Everyday Life


Hey guys, 

It dawned on me last night that today would mark exactly one year since I was “officially” diagnosed with Crohns Disease. My doctor had been running tests for over seven months with no answer as to what could be wrong with me. 389 more words


20 Essential Life Lessons For Happiness And Success

1. Know that what you focus your mind on grows bigger
2. Don’t take things personally
3. Express gratitude — daily
4. Stand up for yourself but don’t act entitled… 132 more words


Something's Missing

My whole life, I’ve always felt like a part of me was missing – Like there was a piece that I had to find to make me feel whole inside. 402 more words

Passing Thoughts

I will inspire being ordinary

“I will inspire by being ordinary.There are too many “inspiring” stories of people who leave everything behind in order to travel the world. I will tell stories of people who stay, who find contentment in what would seem a humdrum life, who work and go home and save $10 a month in their travel fund, most of the paycheck having already gone to milk for their kids and educational funds and utility bills…and who, after 10 years, finally go on a 5-day trip to Paris. 69 more words


The sweetest form of happiness is blooms within a series of sin.

The Winding Road to Happiness

Thirty years ago, I never believed I would be working in a hospital, dealing with tubes of blood and bottles of urine. At that time, my life revolved around music. 587 more words

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