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The Silver Lining

I’m a generally happy person. I try to stay positive. I try not to get angry…but we all have our off days, don’t we? WELL, NOT ANYMORE. 859 more words

My Happiness and Depression

People talk about happiness as though it were something that could be turned on or off with the flip of a switch.

My happiness resembles a hypercoaster. 419 more words

Why it is brave to say "NO"

*This rant was created December last year. I accidentally bumped into this when I was erasing files from my tablet, and from that point, everything came rushing back. 762 more words


Reset Yourself From Anger

The next time you’re upset or angry at a certain moment in life, take a second to yourself and clear your mind of everything. Then think of something so random with such detail. 145 more words



A little old man offers to take their picture. He’s exiting the restaurant with his wife. Outside, a woman is snapping a shot of a very tall man who just realized he is dressed like his father. 186 more words



Heres a Link to one of my Pinterest pages! its called Happiness, and its full of things that made me happy, or just people who look really happy! 13 more words