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A Lifetime I Desire

Sitting here
Have I always
Been last in line
I’ve proven myself
Time after time
To be
One of a kind
There’s not much… 63 more words


3, 2, 1... And it's on!

Howdy! This blog is obviously about books. Kindly please browse the pages above before you resume this post.

Now that you know what we’re all about, we officially welcome you to our modest book club. 41 more words


look best in your genes : the paleo diet... ish

it’s not a secret that losing weight and dieting are some of the most confusing topics to conquer, let alone understand and put into action. with so many diets being shoved in our faces, does anyone know what truly works? 1,286 more words


As children we danced through the daisies and gazed at the clouds
We built castles of blankets and pillows defended by imagined armies
The world revolved around us and we delighted in the gifts of each day… 162 more words

Kindness Confetti

Like any other day, I was on Pinterest checking out what was new out there. New fashion, new recipe’s… anything.. you name it. I was scrolling through, not really looking for anything when this cute quote flashed across the screen.  106 more words

Random Acts

Smiling is such a beautiful thing
So just smile a little


Food for Thought #1

“There is some good in this world, and it’s worth fighting for.”