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Happy #9

That moment when I’m taking a walk at twilight, I startle a bunny and all I see is it’s white tail hopping away.


7 Life Lessons To Understand

Over the past few years, I’ve come across a number of problems as well as opportunities. I have come across a number of things that I have won as well as lost, partially due to my attitude and mentality towards a number of things. 1,860 more words

use a card as a bookmark


I started a book a year ago.  I used a card as a bookmark.  I picked up the book to start again, and found the card. 17 more words

Wordless Wednesday 3 - Just Spring!

वसंत जेथे तेथे सुमने
सुमनांपरी ही दोन मने
दोन मनांतुन प्रीत दरवळे


Everything happens for a reason

I am a very strong believer that everything happens for a reason. Now this is not to say that I should do nothing and everything will just happen. 306 more words

Opportunity....Go Get It!!

I love this quote below and it rings true for me at the moment…..seize the opportunity!!