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When You're in a Good Relationship, You Learn these 10 Things

In a post on Lifehack, Allison Renner shared an interesting perspective on what she believes are the top 10 things you learn, when you are in a good relationship. 1,102 more words

Tying The Knot & Living Happily Ever After

Ten Habits of Happy Couples

It was an ordinary day at work, wherein I get to have a few minutes to browse Facebook when I came across this article by The San Francisco Globe, dated 12th June 2014. 1,953 more words

Habits Of Happy Couples

What's The Secret To A Happy Marriage? Sleep Naked!

According to a Daily Mail, people who sleep naked in bed are the most content in their relationships.  57% of those who sleep in the nude are very happy. 32 more words


Happy Couples Do This In Bed Every Night

Researchers say the environment in your bedroom can influence the state of your happiness within your relationship. Okay, I get it. We all probably have our nighttime ritual and things we need in the bedroom each night. 286 more words


10 Habits of Happy Couples

A Facebook contact posted this on her wall and it caught my attention. Being that I am also in a relationship right now, I found this article very interesting.

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10 Habits of Happy Couples...

I recently read this article about the 10 Habits of Happy Couples. Interesting.

1. Go to bed at the same time.

This one is hard for me. 768 more words


Knock Each Other Off Balance to Stay Happy

Happy relationships shouldn’t be hard work, so if you’ve got these, life will certainly be a little sweeter with that special someone. A little goes a long way to staying happy! 660 more words