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Happy Dance

Reggie flushed the toilet and said, “That’s your sound effect for Joe.”

I laughed! “You’re usually telling me not to rush to judgment! Joe is nice enough. 247 more words

Today's the Day!

At last, it’s here. Release day has arrived for the third book of my “Sunset” series. Please join me in celebrating as I do my little “happy dance.” As I log-on and write this post this morning, “He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not” is holding the spot as #1 Best-Seller at Secret Cravings Publishing. 225 more words

From Christina

Could you be Loved?!

I just heard this this morning and wanted to share with you. It’s simply too awesome for words.


Course Completion

Wow! I know Photoshop is supposed to be the most sophisticated tool for photo editing available. I also already knew that most of the breathtaking photos we see are retouched and never in their organic state. 353 more words


What they don't tell you about your Visa

So you’ve just earned an awesome internship in England… Congratulations!

Now you need to get a Visa. Sounds easy enough, you’re an American Citizen and your worst criminal offense is a warning from an officer for going 4 miles over the speed limit, so you know the background check is going to clear. 332 more words


does someone at Blizzard read my blog?

Approximately 18 months ago — in August 2013 — I suggested that Sunsong Ranch could use a jukebox, saying:

I suppose it’s probably too late to get a jukebox for Sunsong Ranch… but if Blizz iterates upon the personal farm/house concept in the next expansion, something like this could easily be part of the package.

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