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Update on Taghreed - From Incest, to Street Gang Rape, to Torture in Institutions, To a Happy End

Good morning world… some good news…

The street girl who I went to visit last week in prison, is out! And it’s her first day at a new job today :) 508 more words


Short story: "The Meeker and the All-Seeing Eye"

“The Meeker and the All-Seeing Eye,” by Matthew Kressel

5721 words, according to Clarkesworld

Appeared here in issue 92 of Clarkesworld, May 2014

This is just neat.



Recently I read a book that truly made me think. It was different from most young adult books in that it was actually realistic–no fairy tail endings in this book! 543 more words

Random Thoughts On Random Topics...A Whole Lot Of Random Thinking

Let's Be Cops in Ireland

Póg mo thóin, peeps! Dats right! Using Gaelic to insult all 3 of my readers(give or take 3). Seriously, it’s the only Gaelic I know and I like to use it when I think it will impress people. 845 more words

Booty Veils

How I (never) Found Neverland

I grew up believing in fairy tales and all its inconvenience. I was a kid, I was young, I must have things I regret. I was a Disney baby — a disciple of Timon and Pumba; an enemy of Ursula; a slave of passion and happy endings like Cinderella. 629 more words


Short story: "Keep Your Shape"

“Keep Your Shape,” by Robert Sheckley

5,800 words

Appeared in Galaxy in November 1953; read on Project Gutenberg; featured in Escape Pod episode 455… 49 more words


Movies part 1

First off, my sincerest apologies for missing a post on Friday and Tuesday. I had posts, but I wanted them with a comic and I have been too busy to write one, but I finally got around to it. 377 more words