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Life, the movie

Some critics use the term “feel-good movie” as shorthand for “Lots of people are going to go see this film because it has a happy ending.   593 more words

Theological Musing

The Power of a Vision Board: A Testimonial

As we settle into the new year, it’s a good time to ask ourselves a few important questions: Am I happy where I am today? Is my life going in the direction I want it to go? 1,804 more words


I Hate to Burst Your Bubble, But...

Today, for some reason I was thinking about my all-time favorite rom-com, While You Were Sleeping, specifically the line towards the beginning where Lucy says about her father: 500 more words

Bookworms Unite!

Half a Love Story

I wish I could write our love story, but yours has been already written down with a happy ending and I am not in it.

For Him

Those Happy Endings

I grew up in a nest of Disney story books…particularly, of fairy tale love stories. My mom lavished our bookshelves with stories of pretty, genteel princesses who, despite being plagued by ugly and jealous villains, manage to get their… 625 more words


The Station Poll: Vote for February's Short Stories

January is on its final stretch. February is beginning to beckon. As always, the Station is getting ready to feature a new set of short stories. 165 more words

Short Stories

Why Do I Like To Write About The Macabre And Grotesque?

I was recently asked a question that has popped up in one form or another since I was a little girl writing in my Big Chief Writing Tablets with my Black Ticonderoga Pencils. 631 more words

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