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Let's Be Cops

Let’s Be Cops has Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans, Jr. going for it, and nothing else.

by Callum Petch (Twitter: @CallumPetch)

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.  1,786 more words


5 TV Shows To Watch Out For This Fall

TV is a remarkable medium.

Not only is it growing and ever-changing (ask juggernauts like Amazon and Netflix), but it is also becoming more respected and becoming the go-to medium for actors AND well-written stories/concepts…even over film. 2,319 more words


TV though isn't it great

Anyone who knows me knows I am the biggest couch potato ever when I get the opportunity. So I decided to make a list of the things I think everyone should watch cause why not you know. 256 more words


Points of View & Short Story as Tribute

Read the first interview with Mike Bahl about his short story collection here.

Your story “Carbohydrate Coma” is written in first person point of view, like many of your stories. 1,565 more words


Things you do when you’re in love. 

  1.  You over think. You think of things beyond what can really happen, you are open to everything to rejection, to happiness or to every detail of what can happen if one day he/she discovers that you have feelings for him. 
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One day, someone would get mad at me for skipping meals. He won’t go to bed knowing that I’m mad at him; instead, he would flood me with text messages or would desperately try to call me.

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