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"Home Makers" The Queens !

Thanks for all good feedbacks on my blog about working moms. Having written that, there is a kingdom ruled by Queens, they are Home Makers. 588 more words

Happy Family

Working MOM

When I say I am a working mom, first looks I get from others will be one of the below

1. She is compromising her time with her child… 444 more words

Happy Family

Why Family responsibilities become stressful at times ?

I see lots of my friends & colleagues , earlier they were fun -loving friends .. now i see them always cribbing “uff, my little one is naughty”, “ayo.. 756 more words

Happy Family

Criminals may face charges

By Max Fontaine | Beacon hard news reporter

A statement released by Bass Lake Authority Police indicates that criminals may face charges.

No details about the identity of the alleged criminals or their alleged crimes were provided. 128 more words

Hyper-Local News

Lovely Couple

Eko n Masrurotul. salah satu potret kebahagiaan keluarga. Teruslah seperti itu kawan, karena engkau banyak memberi inspirasi…

Manipulasi Suka-suka

The Illusion of a Happy Family

Abusive families usually enact a strict tribal code that requires everybody who wants to remain within that tribe to remain silent about abuse that is going on. 318 more words

Understanding The Dynamics Of Abuse

Secrets For a Happy Family

Occasionally, we come across teachings of wisdom, too precious not to share.  Here, we share the words of Sadhguru, an enlightened teacher, a mystic and a visionary on what “family” means. 473 more words

Happy Family