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Day 2


Sept 2nd: Write about what makes you happy, from the little joys to the huge game-changers.

I am caught up…lol I know it was only a day but I hate being behind on things. 141 more words


Day 17- How you hope your future will be like....

Day 17….

I want to be a grandmother.

I want my kids to be successful in their own ways…with their dreams, not the dreams I have for them in my mind. 47 more words

Just Me

A Very Special Family

I was lost in thought on the bus one day when I received a serendipitous phone call that changed the course of my entire summer. “Hello?” I answered. 236 more words

A Very Special Day

Back 2 School, Not Back 2 the Doctor

It’s Back 2 School time! I had the opportunity to listen to a really great phone call with Dr. Sears Wellness Coach, Sharon Bradford, all about how to keep your kids and family healthy! 141 more words

Juice Plus+ & Us

Artwork of the day: Happy Family

You might have seen my inspiration post recently, where I told you about lovely Kiana Underwood, her sweet family photos and her awesome blog Tulipina… 215 more words

One Happy Blog

MOMMY 101: Coping with New Baby Jealousy

Anyone with a sibling can attest to having “disagreements”.  It comes with the territory.  In some homes more than others, but disagreements none the less.  I have two siblings, both male.   1,167 more words

Mommy 101

5 Family Bedtime Strategies from the Yoga Tradition

Bedtime can be a notoriously challenging time for many families. Experienced yogis with a solid home practice are not immune. Jennifer Vondracek, a long-time yoga practitioner and mother of three girls, notes one of their challenges is “curtain calls.” The girls want to get up again and again—for more water, one more run to the potty, something “important” mother must see, a forgotten assignment, and on and on. 1,048 more words