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What I Ate Wednesday

It’s Vegan MoFo Day 10!

I’m feeling really uncreative today, and a bit tired.  Work’s been hectic, and I haven’t had a lot of time to work through my ideas for what I’m going to post coming up.  287 more words


Low Fat Salads

For Vegan MoFo Day 9, I wanted to talk about salads.  More specifically, low fat salads!

(I spent many hours this evening trying to kill a terrible headache.  1,098 more words


My Macaroni and Cheese Addiction

It’s Macaroni and Cheese Monday for Vegan MoFo Day 8!

Before going vegan, I was a complete macaroni and cheese addict.  Actually, let’s be honest.  I”m still an addict, I just don’t indulge anymore.  856 more words


Happy Plate

Today I finally took the leap and tried one of the many tofu scramble recipes out there.  This is from The Happy Herbivore Light & Lean… 206 more words


My Father's Bad Influence

Vegan MoFo Day 6!

For Day 5 I was unable to cook anything new for the blog because I invited my father out to lunch.  Now for most people, lunch is meeting someone out for maybe an hour or so, you grab food, have good conversation, and then you go your separate ways.  747 more words


Cupcake Ego

For Vegan MoFo Day 5 I ended up out all day and didn’t have any time for cooking!  And my plan for cooking ahead so I didn’t run into this problem never happened so… yeah.  838 more words


Brunch in my belly

Brunch is probably the best thing ever invented. A few times a month, Mike and I try to make it out to The Dish or… 380 more words