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Cacti for the win

No matter how hard you try, you will never leave IKEA empty handed. This time someting new for my bedside table, cacti. Easy to take care of and a refreshing look in the room, what more do you want? 14 more words


Ten of Cups

My thoughts- Happiness. The completion of something but it was a good ending. I don’t feel sad about his ending. There is a large amount of blue in this card. 78 more words


How To Avoid Past Experiences Affect A New Relationship.

Some relationships cause enough damage in your life that it is challenging to leave your emotional baggage behind and proceed to have a healthy relationship with someone else.

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How to Move On When Your Ex Has a New Love.

You’ve broken up. It’s over. Done. You’re trying to move on, and in fact, you think you’re doing a pretty good job of moving on considering how hard broken hearts are to heal and how long exes can linger in the mind.

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Roses in our English cottage style garden

Pink roses in our back garden behind lavender which need regular deadheading to promote further flowering.

Wonderful velvety red roses in our front garden that greet you every time you come home. 23 more words

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