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Trailer Tracks: Star Trek - The Motion Picture (1979) - Robert Wise

I’m a huge Trek fan, and while a lot of people argue about the pondering, slow-pace of this film, I still love it. The music by Jerry Goldsmith, the effects, the sense of wonder and mystery as they explore deeper into V’Ger… I’m even partial to the uniforms! 42 more words

Star Trek

McDonald's Next Happy Meal Contains the Amazing Spider-Man 2 for Boys & Girls

At the McDonald‘s Happy Meal website, we get a look at what we’ll get for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 tie-in toys. What’s interesting is the movie will be the theme for both the boys AND girls toys. 21 more words


Locked out!!!

In my attempt at being a “cool” mom today I made an epic fail. I successfully managed to lock myself and my four year old son out of our house this evening. 115 more words

Germany Random Roll #13

Descending an Alp, the Happy Meal Challenge, & London in this roll.

Fujifilm Superia 200



This was a still life project (holiday art) I did with my 6th grades using miniature toys from kid meals.


1. LOOK AT THE OBJECT… 153 more words

Fatherhood and Pac Man: When the Ghosts Stop Blinking

Not long ago, my son brought home a Pac Man action-figure from McDonald’s. Never missing a prime opportunity to impart indispensable wisdom and life-experience, I launched into a soliloquy of the game and its impact on life in general. 526 more words