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McDonald's Next Happy Meal Contains the Amazing Spider-Man 2 for Boys & Girls

At the McDonald‘s Happy Meal website, we get a look at what we’ll get for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 tie-in toys. What’s interesting is the movie will be the theme for both the boys AND girls toys. 21 more words


Locked out!!!

In my attempt at being a “cool” mom today I made an epic fail. I successfully managed to lock myself and my four year old son out of our house this evening. 115 more words

Germany Random Roll #13

Descending an Alp, the Happy Meal Challenge, & London in this roll.

Fujifilm Superia 200



This was a still life project (holiday art) I did with my 6th grades using miniature toys from kid meals.


1. LOOK AT THE OBJECT… 153 more words

Fatherhood and Pac Man: When the Ghosts Stop Blinking

Not long ago, my son brought home a Pac Man action-figure from McDonald’s. Never missing a prime opportunity to impart indispensable wisdom and life-experience, I launched into a soliloquy of the game and its impact on life in general. 526 more words

Happy Meal, Happy Kirino

Kirino savors the smell of a mouth-watering Mcdonald’s Happy Meal.

I think I know where I’ll be going after work. >:)