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Mujer Encuentra Gusano En Su McNugget [FOTO]

¡Qué asco!

Por eso es mejor comer en casita…

Imagínate… andas con una hambre de locos, pasas por tu McDonalds más cercano y te pides un menú de… 264 more words


Should Restaurant Critic AND McDonalds Be In The Same Sentence?

OK I have heard it all….a restaurant critic critiquing McDonalds? Really? I mean I have heard of them going to “up & coming”, “new” restaurants. Ones that you have a quality sit down meal that generally involves silverware….but McDonalds? 76 more words


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Come to Happy Meals

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will be in McDonald’s next Happy Meals. The toys look like they’re some sort of top thing, but not quite sure. 8 more words


My Kitchen Thinks It's 1979

When I was a kid, I used to eat Special K cereal for breakfast, even as my friends were singing the praises of Frosted Flakes. “They’re grrreat!” they’d declare, but I never saw the appeal. 306 more words


Books in Happy Meals? McDonald's Says yes

Do you live in Utah, western Wyoming, or eastern Nevada? Yes? Do you happen to have a child who likes McDonald’s Happy Meals? Yes again? Well I have news for you! 235 more words

breadcrumbed chicken

The bigger the family grows, the harder it gets sometimes to satisfy all appetites with just one meal. Do you know that? Roast chicken, however, is something we can all agree on at any time. 666 more words

Family Meal

Ovation: The Controversial McDonald’s “Signs” Commercial.

Last weekend, I found myself inside a recently-remodeled McDonald’s in my small town.  While I’ll admit to frequenting its drive-thru window in the past, it’s not too often that I go inside to eat as it was , historically, quite loud and “kid-centric”.  396 more words