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Your food My food

As a parent I set out saying all kinds of things that I would and wouldn’t do. Most of them I’ve let go of along the way like letting them watch TV or play with my phone or eat candy for breakfast- okay that one was only once! 330 more words


Coming out of the McDonalds, she threw away the waste in the bin. Nearby, a poor slum boy was waiting for his turn.
“Her leftover french-fries became his happy meal.”

Tiny Stories

McDonalds PlayPlace: A Parent Paradise

Several months before our twins were born I swore off fast food.  I was roughly 50 pounds heavier than I am now and I wanted to… 546 more words


Hiram: 5 Years + 2 Months

Vacation Highlights: Just to ease myself back into real-time blogging, here’s a list of the Hiram’s vacation highlights. He gave me this list the night we got back home. 242 more words

Hiram Each Month

Dragons, assemble!

That particular fastfood chain’s “How To Train Your Dragon 2″ promo just ended a few weeks ago. Ok, for search-ability, I’ll give in and plug the fastfood chain’s name: this is McDonald’s. 241 more words

Toy Collecting

Creep Of the Year Award

I always feel like somebodies watching me!!!! 

Seriously! How creepy is this thing. I walked past a trash can and saw something looking at me. It was just some kid’s McDonald’s Happy Meal watching me as I passed. 32 more words


Mario Kart Luigi from McDonalds

헐 얼마전 한국 McDonald’s에서 난리쳤다고 하더니 여기도 얼추 비슷한게 나왔나?