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What is your favorite time of the day?

Mornings are my most favorite time of the day. You may ask, why in the world would that be? Well I actually use to never be a morning person. 287 more words


Unhappy? Try these habits to being truly happy!

With the holidays coming to an end, everyone starts to think about the new year coming up! I think back on the past year and ask myself, “How did I make a difference this year?” and “Did I really help anyone?” When I am alone by myself, I have the time to reflect on what is going on in my life and how I am leaving my legacy in this world. 121 more words

5 Ways to Head Back to the Simple Life

Simplicity: the lack of complexity, the absence of complication, the deficiency of embellishment.

The freedom from difficulty, trouble, and strain. Simplicity is what we all desire in our lives. 520 more words

Don't be alone for the holidays

I love the holiday season.. I love being around family, and doing family oriented  things.

I don’t see how other can be content with being by themselves during this time of year. 82 more words


10 Tough Truths Happy People Aren’t Afraid to Face

Truth be told, life isn’t always easy; but if you can find opportunities in your oppositions you’ll spend less time wishing things weren’t so hard and more time being grateful that they are. 1,202 more words