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There are times when I feel soooo pissed off we moved to the country. There’s a tendency for people to be clique-y and judgmental (kind of like how I’m being now) and if you’re not a retiree or a farmer or a mom of two (or 3, 4, 5) there is no chance in hell you’re going to have friends any time soon. 168 more words


Graffiti, a Fiery Sky, Jessee, and the Week gone by.

Last week was pretty hectic and a little nerve wracking although I can’t honestly figure out why. It must be all the appointments I knew I had, waiting to be fulfilled, nagging to be kept. 193 more words


Hong Kong 2014: Travel Entry 6

It’s been exactly a week since travels began! Here’s some photos from the trip so far. :3 21 more words