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Mundane Superpowers

Whilst wandering around Harlem with the good doctor, I asked the all-important question: if you could have any superpower, what would it be? This sparked a long debate, one that took us about 40 blocks downtown. 789 more words

General Ranting


As you may recall, several weeks ago I made an awesometacularific journey out to the crappy (read: West) coast of our fine country to visit some dear chums and get shlonkered with them on rum for a week. 151 more words

Nerd Stuff

Chapter 17

The first draft of Chap. 17 is complete! Next step: pass it on to my muse-editor & then, after his approval & edits, I can pass it on to my beta pool.


My Life Is Better Than Yours

Oh, what’s that? You take exception to the statement I’m making with the title of the weekly post on the hilarious and beloved blog that I co-run with one of my dearest and swarthiest chums? 254 more words

Nerd Stuff

The care and feeding of The Madison ...

This is the story of a boy and his dog.  And a young man and his dog.  And an old girl and “her” dog.  Turns out they’re all the same dog — a Maltese named Madison — and she’s led a fairly incredible life so far.   568 more words


MUTOD: Here is what you're going to do today

In no particular order, but this may be most probable:

Besides, when was the last time your camera phone produced a decent-quality image of a firework? 108 more words


Rainbows Rock

It seems my mind has become a bit numb these last few (or more) days. I haven’t done anything creative in days and I am feeling extremely uninspired. 75 more words

Random Babblings