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Normal Service Will Resume Shortly

Apologies for the radio silence for the past three months. I’ve been too busy to post anything since the beginning of June, but I am endeavouring to get some posts written and start blogging again. 135 more words

Happy Stuff

100 Episodes Later

This upcoming Sunday marks the 100th Episode of BroCast News, so I am spitballing 25 ideas as a means to make it special:

So, what should we do for our 100th Episode? 406 more words



Today was pretty magical, definitely one of the best days I’ve had in a while :-)

The past few weeks have been really hectic in terms of workload and emotions so to finally have a day like today, after weeks of “hell”, words can’t describe how thankful I am right now. 451 more words

Happy Stuff

The Return of My Awesome Movie Reviews

That’s right, party dudes and dudettes, I’m back with another installment of my patented scientific movie review system, wherein I write funny words and swears and then assign arbitrary numeric values to whatever elements I remember of various films through the haze of liquor and acrimony I live in. 963 more words

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I found this article today & found it both humorous & exactly what I needed. Not because my muse is missing, you see, but because he, well… he does not wish to read over my material, & I have only the one muse, at present. 75 more words


Chap. 18 Draft

Is done! Just waiting for my editor/muse to get to editing both 17 & 18 for me. Already got a few paragraphs on 19, so I’m feeling pretty good about myself. ^^


Mundane Superpowers

Whilst wandering around Harlem with the good doctor, I asked the all-important question: if you could have any superpower, what would it be? This sparked a long debate, one that took us about 40 blocks downtown. 789 more words

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