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The Things I'd Tell You Over a Beer

Dear Mom,

One of the things you always used to say to me was that I had to learn to appreciate “being ordinary in an extraordinary world.” It has taken me a long time to get that down. 1,186 more words


Spilled the Beans

My mom knows everything about me. Not because she tries to know everything but because I share it to her voluntarily. And when I say everything, I literally mean every single thing! 308 more words


Think Happy Thoughts

When you fill your heart and soul with positivity,

positive experiences and moments seek you out in response!


Last 3 of 26

3 days left of 26 //

26 has been one of the craziest years yet for me for a lot of reasons, both good and bad. 63 more words

Happy Thoughts


Philosophical Reflection of the Day:

I’ve noticed with more of the people around me, that the more they talk, the less comfortable they were with whatever came before it. 17 more words


And that's why I smile

One day, I thought it was just like the others

Usually when I began my commute to school, I always end up getting pissed off. (the vehicles too slow, the driver’s too mean, the passengers are too noisy, there are too many stopovers) but this one day is different, for once I was glad to commute to school. 156 more words


Sweet Sunshine

Four different good friends bands were playing a show at the Hotel Cafe this last Saturday night, and a group of us decided to caravan out there for the event. 372 more words

Happy Thoughts