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Letting Go and Being Happy

Hey guys!

I know my posting schedule has been a little off lately but I think I have a good reason for that. As you may or may not know I’m still at my grandparents. 954 more words

Don't Judge, just eat some Fudge

Passing judgment has become a routine for everyone these days. Judgment is passed every passing second and conflicts arise because of these small little things in your thought process that actually make a difference. 644 more words


It's not impossible...

I feel you like it’s impossible then it probably is. It doesn’t mean it will be impossible forever, it’s just impossible with your present state of mind and it will probably seem impossible for a while. 230 more words


As women, we are always on the look for new weight loss enhancing products. This “Citrus Detox” as I like to call it flushes out all of the icky stuff being harbored in your body. 83 more words

In your arms.

We stand among others on the floor.

My head on your chest.

Your hand clasping mine.

The other on my back.

Thumb rubbing lulling circles. 170 more words


Clean fried chicken, zucchini stir fry and sweet potato fries! YUM!

As requested…

Clean “fried chicken”
1/4 cup peanuts
1/2 cup brand (corn flakes) cereal
2 eggs
8 strips of organic breast tenders

Combine the peanuts and brand cereal in your food processor or blender and blend until it is fine and ground. 285 more words