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I wake up at 4:00 am every morning. Why I have NO idea! My rescue dog Jacoby and I are at the park usually by 7:00 am. 91 more words

WHY Cheaters?

A friend recently caught his boyfriend with his best friend!
He felt betrayed and hurt, then decided the only way to feel better was to take a drive down to depression lounge. 363 more words

Everyday's mantra

“To be humble and soft spoken… To walk lightly on this Earth by practicing simplicity and love for nature.”

“To know that my true life is not what I thought it was. 28 more words

Hello past, let's be friends

Hello reality. Four days of blissful holiday is now behind me and it is time to face what I like to call ‘life’.

Yes, I at times quite enjoy avoiding life, but after a fantastic massage and a whole day of doing sweet bugger all including ordering Indian in from the hotel then finishing the day with a bubble bath, I’d say I’m pretty well equipped to now deal with it. 613 more words

Life Conquering

Happiness For a Lifetime?


Indeed, it is strange how much every single of us tries to be happy in his life, yet very often happiness seems to be elusive. We all use the word “happiness” easily, but what is also easily understood is that each of us doesn’t mean the same thing. 502 more words


I am pretty sure I am one of the most mentally unstable moms out here when it comes to back to school!  My emotions are all over the place as THE DAY approaches and summer starts to come to an end.   717 more words


Have you heard the snappy song “Happy” written and performed by Pharrell Williams from the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack album. My grandchildren, that I have the privilege of being with on Fridays, love the song. 599 more words