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Pass Christian Harbor, July 1996

Some of the comings and goings at the harbor, during an afternoon or two.

Yes, those do look like birds on the ends of the booms, but I’m not sure they weren’t made to look like birds…even after a closer look. 166 more words


Blowing Into Windy Wellington, New Zealand

We blew into windy Wellington, New Zealand’s capital city. We hit Lambton Harbor for a walk around the chic cafes, art installations, unique architecture, and coastal breezes. 261 more words


Gulfport Trawler Docks, July 1996

Shots from two or three visits. The first group are scans of negatives that seem to have led a rough life. The last two shots are Kodachrome slides. 143 more words


Story Behind: "Safe Refuge"

This painting stemmed from an idea I had–really, a picture in my mind–of painting teal-colored cliffs next to the ocean. I could imagine sunlight streaming through a small opening, looking bright white. 118 more words



Dark harbor, steel bridge
Red lights over horizon
One solid, three blink