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Harbor Lights: Rafina

At dusk the hillsides that surround the harbor fade into the background. I walk along the water as the lights come on down the long piers and around the crescent of shops and stands. 69 more words


St. Croix: Infinite Doors

In 2011 my wife and I took a trip to St. Croix during October. This is off season and we got a fantastic deal on both flights and hotel lodging. 128 more words


Sorry Clovelly

“Discover the timeless village of Clovelly,
where the steep, cobbled street tumbles down past
gleaming white cottages to the tiny, deep-blue harbour…”

Cobblestones are plain dangerous, 161 more words

Ship Noise Makes Young Eels Stressed and Vulnerable to Predation

Noise pollution in the ocean isn’t just a nuisance; it has grave consequences for the survival of some marine organisms. A recent study reveals that ship noises make young eels stressed and when confronted with predators, they are less likely to fend off attacks due to impaired escape behaviors, known as antipredator responses.  930 more words

Scraping Sand (Shadorma)

scraping sand /
with her splintered claws /
she prepares /
a message /
beneath the emerald sea: /
my name is Dogma –  // 88 more words

Aaaaand we're live!

As a kindasorta offshoot of OurDDO, I’m launching DDO Players Helping Players as a (primarily but not limited to) new player resource aimed at increasing player retention and making DDO a little bit nicer place to be for new and casual players. 35 more words