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How can you feel dumped when you were never dating?

Where oh where to start…………..

I was having a good day today; had sex and cuddles and a job interview that went well (at a cafe, trial next Sunday)…. 842 more words

Diary Entries

Boo boos, bruises & hard decisons

Being a human chew toy is not my idea of fun. Neither is being a victim to my daughter’s rages – which happen often … more often the I care to admit. 716 more words


Jumping Off Cliffs

Every day at work I meet new people and they ask the usual questions: Where do you go to school? What year are you? What do you plan to do after you graduate? 1,004 more words

The secret :: how to find peace in the journey

Have you ever had it up to here? Like if one more person adds one more thing to your to-list you might just scream, throw that protein shake out the window or in the very least scrunch up that messy lookin’ hairstyle with just a tad too much mouse? 756 more words


7 Thoughts on Tasting-the-Cost of Following Jesus

1. Choosing to follow Jesus is not just a one-time deal

I’m in a season of life which has put significant forks in my path more frequently than usual. 1,404 more words

the calm after the storm

I took this photo with my phone the morning after I decided to end my marriage. I was staying at my sister’s home in Utah and had just finished a short hike with her adorable family. 63 more words


WOW! That was hard...

We got our first phone call last night for an emergency placement of 3 kiddos. It was exciting, it was also very sad and hard. The kiddos ages are 7, 4 & 3. 317 more words