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Loosing A Love In My Life

This post is so very hard to write and I spent yesterday evening crying over the decision I’ve just had to make but I know that in the long run it will be best for all of us. 744 more words


Un difficile decision - one of many more to come

Probably the hardest of them all, are decisions. I say “of them”, but I don’t really know if decisions are a part of any group of things you make in life. 280 more words

Decisions, Decisions

The job interview went wonderfully! I walked down to the Market, strolled in, and she greeted me right away. She handed me a form where I wrote my name, references, my address, phone number, etc… Then she talked as if I had already gotten the job! 389 more words


The Struggle Is Real

Almost a year ago now, I found myself starting a relationship (long distance) with a friend of a friend. It started out slow, messaging on social media every day after school and before bed. 430 more words

You might not have heard, but...

I’m no longer married.┬áDivorced, to be exact.

Before the wave of concern sets in, please know: In more ways than not, this is a positive thing. 350 more words


One little hen...

I write today with a very heavy heart. My writings are punctuated by a loud, melodious calling from the coop outside. A rooster’s crow. Little Sybil, now tentatively named Sid, has been crowing for a week or two now. 261 more words


Time Marches On

This Friday will mark 4 months since Owen was born and died. During this week last year, I was taking my first positive pregnancy test, barely able to believe it. 1,187 more words