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Who's missing from the Gartner's Storage Magic Quadrant?

In my last four columns we looked at all four sections of the Gartner Magic Quadrant, the popular graphic that analyzes and ranks various storage vendors on different products, this one on their ability to provide a primary storage system. 519 more words


Got my laptop fixed !!

My laptop’s hard disk crashed last week. That was the time when I started a project and I needed this damn thing the most. I was worried and depressed. 124 more words

Revision Games

The following are some games that turn revising storage devices into fun activities:


Presi-Like Presentation: The Hard Disk

This is a presentation that helps explain the main concepts behind magnetic storage devices and follows with an overview of the hard disk. The presentation is organised in a presi-like format but is actually built using HTML5 technology and the impress.js library.


Voki Quiz: Storage

The following is a classroom activity that takes the form of a quiz about storage devices. The students choose one of several characters that are hidden behind a blue screen. 95 more words


Wikispace Project : Secondary Storage Devices

The following Wikispace Project is organised into five teams, each team focusing on completing the wiki about a secondary storage device. The main aim of this exercise is to have students engage in group work as well as learn about their assigned backing device. 59 more words


Webquest: Backing Storage

The following Webquest helps students carry out research as well as get an understanding of how secondary storage devices are categorised, a brief insight of how some storage devices work, typical uses, speed and other features.