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What Goes Around Comes Around

Even GERMANS hate compatriots who reserve sunloungers on holiday, according to new research

Germans take around 70million holidays a year as a nation, but are far from relaxed despite all their time off. 26 more words


Germany Going To The Dogs

Or is it to the wolves? Or to the foxes maybe? Sheesh. Nature at its finest again.

When wolves aren’t killing deer down in the Bavarian outback these days, … 76 more words


Moon Landing A Hoax After All

And now we know why.

It was staged by Hasselblad so it could get $910,400 for its “moon camera” at a Vienna auction last Saturday. 42 more words


Climate Engineering, Media Deception, And Hard Facts

by Dane Wigington, GeoEngineering

The climate engineering corporate media/military/industrial complex is doing their best to create a very deceptive picture for much of the American population. 258 more words

Dumbing Us Down

Who Would Have Expected That?

Germans Oppose Russian Economic Sanctions - Poll.

Uh, what else can you expect from a country where more than one-third of it’s gas and crude-oil imports come from Russia? 24 more words


Forbidding Stuff Makes It Go Away

Right? In Germany it does. Or it’s supposed to, at least. But it doesn’t work here either, of course.

Take old Nazi films apparently easily available on YouTube, for instance. 118 more words


An Anti-Semitic Caricature?

In Germany? Today? No way.

Or way?

Hard to say.

Uh. German anti-Facebook technophobia is one thing, but like what on earth were they thinking (or drinking?) over there at the Süddeutsche Zeitung when they put out this one? 30 more words