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Ich Liebe Weihnachtsfilme!

This flick looks cool. Can’t wait until it comes out.

Or does anybody out there know if it’s in the Kinos already?


Would Numbers Lie?

News products can be that way. On the one hand the numbers tell us today that the mood in the German economy has picked up yet again and that German companies are looking ahead to 2015 with renewed confidence. 76 more words


The End Of An Aura

It’s amazing these sleeper trains have lasted as long as they have, if you stop and think about it.

Saturday marked the end of the line for this Paris-Berlin sleeper, at any rate. 77 more words


Germany A New Nation Of Immigrants?

I think you may have overshot the mark here, Christian Science Monitor. But nice try.

The reality here is still another one.

Far-right arsonists are believed to have caused fires which damaged… 33 more words


The Bigger They Are...

Airbus Group NV (AIR) raised the prospect of discontinuing its A380 superjumbo as soon as 2018, the first admission that it may have misjudged the market for the double-decker after failing to find a single airline buyer this year. 24 more words


It's Not Just A Club Anymore

The Putin Understanders Club, I mean. In Germany. It’s bound to be an eingetragener Verein (registered society) by now.

Putin understanders are not confined to the Linke; nor even to Germany. 97 more words


More Awful NSA Spying Being Done On Ahnungslose Germans Again

Only this time it’s being done by the German BND (the German Federal Intelligence Service).

Ahnungslos means unsuspecting, by the way. It can also mean clueless, however. 68 more words