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Beautiful German weapon sale of the week.

Because somebody has to admire them.


The Rise And Fall Of The German-American Volksfest

And fall and fall and fall it has. It’s been falling for at least twenty years now.

They ought to just finally get it over with and… 84 more words


Is The Party Over?

While Germany has so far led the regional recovery, it is feeling the pain of increasing political tension. The European Union agreed last week on its widest-ranging sanctions yet over Russia’s backing of rebels in eastern Ukraine. 31 more words


German Of The Day: "Es geht um die Wurst"

When something “is about getting the sausage” in German, that means that it’s something that really matters. You know, like when size matters?

With an estimated total 15,414 cases of the procedure worldwide, nearly one in five of all penis enlargement operations were performed in Germany.


Cocky German Soccer Team Loses To Australia

Still on an unnatural natural high after their nation’s recent World Cup championship victory over Argentina in Brazil, an overconfident team of German robots has lost miserably to Australia 5-1 in the RoboCup 2014 final. 48 more words


German Understanding For Russia Still Very Understanding For Some Strange Reason

German Chamber of Commerce and Industry: One-fourth of German export firms are affected by Russian sanctions.

“Betroffen ist davon in etwa jedes vierte deutsche Unternehmen, das im Ausland aktiv ist.”