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The Frustration with Papers

I’m currently in the process of looking over a paper I wrote last semester and editing it into a potential candidate for my defense.  However, I’m finding that this is really frustrating.   636 more words

Korean Culture

What the Blazes Does "Hard Power Realist" Mean?

As a first post, it’s good to discuss the title of this blog so that one actually knows what the title refers to, before actually reading the rest of the stuff I’ll be posting. 564 more words


Have we gone too soft? Russia, soft power and military cuts

Last week the House of Lords Select Committee on Soft Power produced a report calling on the government to do better when it comes to utilising Britain’s soft power capabilities. 1,293 more words


It's Putin's World

Russian President Putin is “living in another world,” German Chancellor Merkel reportedly told American President Obama in a recent conversation about the Ukraine crisis, seeking to explain Putin’s seemingly reckless actions. 1,218 more words

Secoli americani

Ma insomma, il Ventunesimo secolo sarà ancora americano? Come diceva Yogi Berra, gran giocatore di baseball e grande saggio, è difficile fare previsioni – soprattutto quando riguardano il futuro. 632 more words

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The limits of Europe

Whatever happens next, the Ukraine crisis has been an uncomfortable one for the EU. Seemingly caught by surprise that Ukrainians actually wanted to be a part of the EU, they reacted slowly to the burgeoning desires of the Ukranians, and now to the burning anger of the Russians. 658 more words

Hard Power: le sanzioni economiche alla Russia

Parliamo delle sanzioni economiche a Mockba analizzando le diverse perspettive. Sanzioni che si inseriscono nel contesto dell´Hard Power, ovvero una politica coercitiva.

Siamo ad un punto di svolta… 1,534 more words

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