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Si tienes algún móvil Android que hallas olvidado el patrón de desbloqueo, en el siguiente tutorial te explicaremos paso a paso como recuperar tu móvil y dejarlo como de fabrica(Hard Reset) o si simplemente te ha fallado y quieres dejarlo como nuevo  e ingresar nuevamente. 426 more words


How to Hard Reset Motorola Charm to Factory Settings

How to Hard Reset Motorola Charm MB to Factory Settings :
Like most devices, there are two different methods for hard resetting the Motorola Charm. 33 more words

How to soft-hard Reset Nokia 603 to Factory Default Settings

There are two different types of Reset for the Nokia 603 series, soft reset and hard reset.

Soft Reset Nokia 603
This option restores the .ini files from the ROM, does not erase data (photos, videos, documents) or applications from a third party. 17 more words

Samsung Galaxy Wonder i8150 Tuş Kilidi Kırma

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Samsung Galaxy Wonder i8150 Hard Reset Sıfırlama Desen Tuş Kilidi Kırma
Samsung Galaxy Wonder i8150 akıllı telefon desen tuş kilidini unuttuysanız veya şifrenizi üst üste yanlış girdiyseniz desen tuş kilidini açma kırma, hard reset,…


Golden nuggets and hard resets

Yesterday at the beach we three women were bobbing in the water while getting to know each others’ stories better, and I said “everyone who does this sort of thing has something going on in their lives that allows them to step out of that life, for however long. 485 more words

My Journey

How to Hard Reset Apple TV to factory settings

When you are having issues that involve the Apple TV not powering up and/or displaying an image on screen, perform the following procedure to hard Reset Apple TV: 32 more words

Impossible de retrouver le mot de passe de la tablette Nvsbl Vortex 7 (ou Unusual Color en Espagne) - Comment lui faire faire un "hard reset"?

Je vous souhaite sincèrement de ne pas perdre le mot de passe de cette tablette, car j’en ai chié pour pouvoir résoudre ce problème. Je vous présente donc comment j’ai fait, en particulier parce que les gens du SAV sont Espagnols… 597 more words