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Dreadful GSA blogpost by Canadian geologists

Geologists, especially those, like me, of a certain age, often have problems with climate science and the idea that humans may be triggering a massive and abrupt change in the climate. 1,557 more words

Hard Science

On the Fractionated Mind and the Power of Love

Nature is fragile and robust, calm and wild at the same time. It deserves to be protected. Humans are the same. They are vulnerable and strong in the same moment. 1,139 more words

The latest hand-wringing “myth-buster” video roundly debunked

Guest Post By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley

The usual suspects have issued yet another “myth-busting” video in their continuing attempt to flog the dead horse of catastrophic Caucasian-caused climate change (CCCCC). 1,424 more words

Humbled By Nature