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My Voice on Adoption

I came to this journey with my own story, and Hope came with hers.  My story has some loss; her story has a lot of loss. 617 more words


It Just Is

I (DeAnna) have struggled off and on for a couple of years now with issues I just can’t seem to “get over.”  This is quite uncommon for me because usually I can get over things and move on, however, I’m not in that kind of resilient place and haven’t been for quite some time.  840 more words


Thoughts on Becoming an Adoptee Ally

Parenting is scary. Adoptive parenting has actually scared the crap out of me on many a day during the last year. It’s been scary for me because as much as I wanted to be a mom, my worse fear was somehow screwing things up for Hope after she’d already been through so much stuff. 1,447 more words


Book Review: When I Was the Greatest by Jason Reynolds

Ali lives in Bed Stuy, New York, and he’s trying hard to be a good kid.  He works hard in school and takes boxing lessons and generally stays out of trouble.   291 more words

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Strap In

Tonight I sat in the bathroom with Cee as she sat on her potty. We do this pretty much every day, although I’ll admit that my potty-training skills leave much to be desired over the weekends. 429 more words


Blackout murderer

In A Drop of the Hard Stuff, Matt takes Jan to dinner at a restaurant in Little Italy and comments:

The food was fine, the service was fine, and I could have flavored the conversation by pointing out a stocky gentleman at the bar whom I’d arrested ten or a dozen years earlier (Hard Stuff 416).

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Hard Stuff

Book Review: Threatened by Eliot Schrefer

Luc is an AIDS orphan in Gabon when he meets the mysterious man he calls Prof.  The man claims to be on an important mission to study chimpanzees deep in the jungle.   294 more words

Books And Reading