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American Style Book Haul

In which I show all the books I got in the US this summer.




Print Books Here to Stay

Photo Credit: Julie Griffin

Okay guys, anyone who reads about books or the publishing industry on any kind of regular basis has read at some point in the last couple of years about the demise of printed books. 211 more words

Mind MGMT... or déjà vu all over again... cool Spy vs. Spy

Mind MGMT is a revelation! I initially though the “MGMT” was an acronym for something mysterious and cryptic and it turns out i was half right, but it’s not an acronym, and you soon find out that it stands for “Management” as in an organization that controls every aspect of the mind. 472 more words

My Comics

African Book Covers! (showcase 2)

Welcome to showcase 2 of the Book Covers Series!

The showcase below is part two of some of my favorite African book covers. African book covers are all very unique! 46 more words

African Literature

Publishers Giving Away Books?

Photo Credit: Flickr/Missouri State Archives

That’s right. Publishers are giving away books. Over a hundred million of them. Just kidding. This is not something I can imagine ever happening again. 449 more words

On Mourning the Passing of Barnes & Noble

After this week’s news that Barnes & Noble has lost money yet again, I decided that perhaps I should begin thinking about writing B&N’s obituary. After all, I am a B&N member and I buy a lot of books from B&N and I will miss it when the last store and website is finally shuttered. 1,472 more words


Chapter 5 – standing my ground

Reading used to be an easy and practical pass time: a book fits into a handbag or maybe the inside pocket of a jacket. People read on trains, waiting for public transport, over lunch… 521 more words