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Muuusic <3

What are some artists you enjoy listening to?
I tend to be rather picky but I most always drift to rock.

ROCK!! :D haha…..I just thought of a little rock *random* 68 more words

Christians Murdered Indians

500 Years Of Manifest Destiny

Even in the initial stages of contact between European Christians and Native Indians people the stage was set for ethnocentrism, and the attitude towards the Indians was that of Christian superiority. 700 more words

Broken Diamond UK Hard Rock Band!

Could you please give this band a Like on Facebook and check them out! :)

Broken Diamond, a hard hitting rock band with a strong British backbone bringing pure awesome straight to your ears. 8 more words


136. Burn In Hell (1984)

Artist: Twisted Sister Kompositör: Dee Snider

Utgivningsår: 1984 Album: Stay Hungry


Jag var tio år när den här skivan gavs ut. 372 more words