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Everything Happens for a Reason

There’s that age old saying again, coming into view in a haunting angle. “Everything happens for a reason.” It’s more deceptive than comforting if you ask me. 740 more words

Hope, Never Let It Go

“Hope is what we crave, and that will never change”, this is a lyric from a song titled Crave by For King & Country, and I believe that it embraces what each human being longs for each and every day, and what we cannot live without. 442 more words


Baby Log

Since last year, I have a new responsibility. On August 19, 2013, I became an older sister. Now, I’m not usually around him, because I live on the opposite side of the country, but when I do it’s fun (or so I thought). 605 more words


Widow Black (Original poem of mine)

All the days
Are scorched on her forehead
Like the burning tar
The gravel-fed voice
That soothes
Like a jagged coal
In the heavy hum… 124 more words

And it all goes wrong...

It’s amazing how quickly fortunes can change on the Tour Divide. One minute, the sun is shining and life is beautiful, and the next the clouds in your own head are darker than the ones threatening above… 1,576 more words