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Shame in Hardship

After my last post on how difficult it is when people don’t recognize your hard work I wanted to write this because I feel that it is applicable. 1,057 more words

Getting Caught

Have you ever been in a situation where you are in a bathroom, or any place for that matter where you think you are alone. All the sudden your OCD comes out into full effect and you have a compulsion, wether it be washing your hands or walking in and out-of-doors. 258 more words


Extent of the Jesuits

Córdoba, Jesús María, Colonia Caroya and Alta Gracia (5 – 7 December 2013)

It was a 10 hour bus ride through the night to Cordoba. The bus that I was on was really quite comfortable. 1,980 more words


Drops That Won't Fall

Speckled moist

Of blood and sweat

Through hard-earned days

And sleepless nights

Dew of sorrow

Condensed sobs

Evaporated smiles

Shades of shadow

When rhymes appear so sudden… 16 more words


What If

While relaxing I happened to remember this which leaves a hard decision. One that is so troubling.

What if you came across an infant. You had the ability to see what he would do in his life.  200 more words


When reality is better than fantasy

I get off on these tangents…once in a while something Church related squeaks by my careful avoidance tactics and seeps into my social media feeds. … 661 more words


Lunatic Tock on My Psychotic Clock

Lunatic tock on my psychotic clock. Bleep bleep! I just want to sleep. Here now the memories creep.

Elbow to the neck no breath in sight. 691 more words