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On Making it Through

On January 1, 2014 I stood in my parents’ backyard breathing in the cold wet air and exhaling plumes of steam into the silence of the day. 1,144 more words


You Deserve Some Shoes...

So the other day I was walking down the road,
and a man, on a bicycle,
Makes his way by my side as though,
to exchange words to chronicle, 660 more words


Tranquility Unlimited

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

by Saadia Tariq

                                                  Calligraphy by Zahra Tariq

“So verily, with every hardship there is relief

Verily with every hardship there is relief” 348 more words

Monthly Special

The Weeding

I will help you weed your garden

-Friend or stranger, doesn’t matter

I am there

Let me tell you

The burden is so much easier… 94 more words

Kehendak Allah dan Pergulatan Manusia

Menjalankan kehendak Tuhan bukanlah jalan yang mudah karena seringkali, kehendak-Nya bertentangan dengan keinginan dan ambisi pribadi kita. Perumpamaan yang kita baca dalam Injil hari ini adalah sebuah cerita yang indah tentang pergulatan batin kita, manusia. 592 more words


A different perspective on inspiration.

(now playing: Ed Sheeran, “All of the Stars“)

In all of my classes, my students have begun brainstorming for their personal narratives. As I had written before, I’d asked them to write about a person who has inspired them, and their stories will depict a moment in which that occurred. 702 more words


Trouble is Good, Part 1 (Pilgrim's Progress According to the Bible #9)


Sunday Evening Evangelistic Message #187

TEXT: Acts 14:19-22

In the seventh message in this series, we touched on the issue of church leaders not informing young Christians of the difficulty that is inherent to the Christian faith. 1,178 more words

Jesus Christ