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A letter that I had been meaning to send

The following is a letter that I sent today to a Canadian organization – Canada World Youth.  I was supposed to do an internship with them this past winter. 1,283 more words

Holy Week

Penitents in Pampanga and Zambales whip their backs as a form of atonement of their sins…

You Should Just Give Up...

I found myself complaining the other day about something I now don’t even remember what is was about but it got me thinking about fundamentally why my first reaction was to grumble about the issue in the first place? 692 more words



when we woke up
the world was figured out
beyond the beauty we’ve dreamt about.
this brilliant light is brighter than we’ve known,
without our darkness to prove it so. 151 more words


Improve the moment

No matter what happens, you will be alright.

Blog Posts


I wish I was writing this now to tell you the celebratory news that I am officially on the “other side”. That I have made it through the hell fire, mush, mud, glass, and thorns, and am cheering valiantly across the pit with new-found strength, standing tall, feeling whole, fulfilled, and energized in a way I’ve never experienced before. 363 more words

It's Friday!!!

In the Christian faith, today is Good Friday. And we call it Good Friday because we know the good news of the gospel and that Jesus didn’t stay in the grave he rose again. 185 more words