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Ukraine: The human mind.

They are cousins but they can’t live together in peace, some of them are brothers and they fight, some of them are Europeans highly educated, unlike fighters in Syria, and they still fight each other. 400 more words

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购买多留神 欧版三星Galaxy S5手机有区域锁

在去年发布Galaxy Note 3时,三星曾表示Galaxy Note 3将有区域锁,这意味着在某个地区销售的Galaxy Note 3只能使用当地运营商的SIM卡来激活,必须在使用当地运营商SIM卡几分钟之后才能正常使用Galaxy Note 3,而这对购买售价相对低廉的水货的用户来说无疑非常不便。 虽然消费者对三星设置区域锁的行为表示不满,不过三星似乎并不打算遵从消费者的意愿。随着Galaxy S5的正式开卖,三星表示Galaxy S5依然会有区域锁,而且除了需要使用本地运营商的SIM卡之外,还必进行最少5分钟的通话才能使用其它地区的SIM卡,这也意味着解锁区域锁的难度更大了。


1PLUS Best WQ300 PHOTO II LED 30 inch LG AH-IPS 2560x1600 6ms DVI HDMI Monitor

1PLUS Best WQ300 PHOTO II LED 30 inch LG AH-IPS 2560×1600 6ms DVI HDMI Monitor

2560×1600 High Resolution WQXGA Panel / Low power consumption.
LG AH-IPS Matte Screen / slim bezel / Multi stand… 15 more words


索尼小尺寸Xperia Z2 Compact谍照曝光

今天新浪微博上出现了索尼Xperia Z2 Compact的谍照,按照先前Z1的惯例,Z2 Compact应该是屏幕尺寸更小版本的Z2。从谍照来看,新款的Xperia Z2 Compact和Z2长得比较像,而且一如先前的传统,Z2 Compact在配置上应该也不会含糊。


A LIN Bus Signal Injector

tipped us about his latest project: a LIN bus signal injector. For our unfamiliar readers, the LIN bus is a popular automotive bus that is used to interface with buttons, lights, etc.  127 more words

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