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Just got a Solid State Drive

I’ve had the same notebook for 5 years.

I have to constantly maintain it since I’m not interested in buying a new one, and I always put my computers through the works, whether it’s film editing, programming or simply watching or storing movies and music, my computer will always be kept busy by me. 130 more words


Mobile OS Rethought

This post might be of interest to those in Internet of Things, Virtualization and Mobile OSes simply because it tries to combine all three. As usual, I have zero technical insight into these areas. 680 more words

User Interface

Setting up the Google Nexus Player

I received my new Google Nexus player last week, and I like it. It is like a Chromecast that has Bluetooth controllers you can cast content from your mobile devices to your TV and also play games on the player all for about $100. 7 more words


Cisco 2511: Remote Connect to Other Devices Over Your Network

This post shows how to use the Cisco 2511 Terminal Server to remotely access your other devices over the network. I use this for a Cisco device lab environment that I’ve built. 775 more words