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Ricoh Cameras - Pentax K-50

Time to buy good entry/medium level DSLR and the best in its domain. Of course, Pentax K-50! It’s water tight, dust storm proof and ready to work below zero temperatures (in Centigrades). 2,129 more words


10 Ways to Set Up Your Wi-Fi for Holiday Guests

You will enjoy your holiday guests even more if their devices they use during their visit don’t bring your home network’s performance and Internet connection to a crawl, cause any security breaches, or create other technology headaches. 9 more words


Expand the Range of your Wireless Network with any Old Router

The wireless range offered by your router will vary depending on which Wi-Fi standard it supports – is it 802.11g or 802.11n compatible? – and its physical location (if there are any walls around, they will obstruct the Wi-Fi signal). 10 more words


Battery Calibration কি? কখন করবেন? কিভাবে করবেন?

আমাদের মোবাইলের লিওনার্দো ডিক্যাপ্রিও হল ব্যাটারি। ডিক্যাপ্রিও বেচারা যত ভালো অভিনয় করুক না কেন অস্কার যেমন তার কপালে নাই, তেমনি ব্যাটারি যত ভালো পারফরমেন্স দিকনা কেন আমরা সারাদিন পড়ে থাকি রেম আর রম নিয়ে। :v ব্যাটারি ভালো না থাকলে কাস্টমাইজেশন দিয়ে পানি খাবেন? 15 more words

Android Basic

PF Sense & Netgate APU board

This guy has a good tutorial…  click here

Download the latest embedded image from PF Sense.  You’ll want the 64bit option.

You’ll need to write the image to your SD card.   178 more words

Networking - Wired/wireless

LIFX Firmware Update v1.5.

“I can’t talk right now, I have several thousand updates to install.” – Sheldon Cooper (referring to Windows 98).

I recently picked up another LIFX light bulb (see my original post… 444 more words


Labour and Wait, Shoreditch, London

I love the vintage exterior of this household goods store in Shoreditch’s Redchurch Street with its beautiful glossy green tiles and big windows. It aesthetic appearance represents perfectly what you will find inside. 87 more words